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“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”   - Margaret Mead



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“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” - Margaret Mead

Hi. I am Reena Tete and I head the Delhi initiatives of Save The Children India. This Marathon, I appeal to you to support our efforts to better the lives of children and young adults living within the harsh realities of urban villages of Delhi-NCR. 

Our work is routed through our community centers in the urban villages of Delhi-NCR where we reach out to entire families through work on Quality Education | Women Empowerment including Eliminating Violence against women & children and Adult Literacy | Vocational Skills Development and Health Education. 

Whilst I have worked on issues of women empowerment and child protection for many years, my interactions here have been an eye opener. It bothers me to see little ones miss/drop out of school in order to take care of siblings or expecting mothers; or because of eve teasing; or having only one proper meal a day. I also cannot imagine how a woman feels when she carries a child year after year in wait of a boy. Violence, desertion on grounds of son preference, multiple abortions during year without medical follow up (leading to infections) is not uncommon. As a society, we may continue to deliberate, argue and shoulder blame about population rise, the numbers meanwhile keep growing and with it, its effect on child development. Here, it is not a question of information and access but of preparedness to have smaller families.

This November, I am running at Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, to raise resources for equipping children and youth (and families) with critical life skills including information on reproductive and sexual health so as to bring about a behaviour change. I seek your support, so that these young minds are able to realize their full potential to pave their ways towards a quality life.

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Every child has one thing in common – their rights. Together, we can make child rights a lived reality.

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