Running For A Reason - To support girl child education

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Running For A Reason - To support girl child education


On 19th November 2017, I will be running my 5th Airtel Delhi Half Marathon; however, this one will be a special one, as I will be running for a very selfish reason. I am running to raise funds for

My selfish reason: Who do I want my neighbour to be? I would always prefer to live amongst educated and self-reliant citizens who can make 'right' choices not only for themselves but for the society.

Why Udayan Care: Recently, I took a 1 year sabbatical (from my current organization Genpact) to work as a Genpact Social Impact Fellow. I have worked with Udayan Care's Team directly, and during my stint I was exposed to the passion and commitment of each and every, employee or volunteer working tirelessly to achieve a common goal i.e. to empower youth.

I invite you to be selfish: Don't order-in / go out this weekend; instead, invest that money in enabling responsible neighbour(s) with whom you and or kids will be living with in near future.

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Brief about Udayan Care: Since 1996, Udayan Care has been working to empower vulnerable children, women and youth, in 14 cities across 9 states of India. It has spread its work for disadvantaged groups during the last 20+ years by establishing more family homes, helping girls' education, providing vocational training etc. To date, Udayan Care has nurtured over 15,000 young minds.

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Udayan Care exists to transform the lives of children and youth from underserved sections of society, through meaningful interventions for development at every step of their journey

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