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When does the run registrations for TCS World 10K 2014 starts?

Run Registrations for the TCS World 10k 2014 will start from 20th March 2014 at www.procamrunning.in NGO reigstrations have started with us, the Charity Partner, to start fundraising through this event.

What is the TCS World 10K Bangalore event?

The TCS World 10K Bangalore is the world's most prestigious 10km run. It is ratified by the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) & AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races. It is conducted in Bangalore under the aegis of the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) & the Karnataka Amateur Athletics Association (KAAA). The event presenters are Procam International - the same company organising the Mumbai Marathon and Delhi half-marathon every year.

When is the event held and what are the Race categories?

The event was launched in May 2008 and is an annual event, held in May every year. There are different Race Categories for individuals to Run.

How is this event connected with Charity ?

Worldwide, distance running events have gained importance as fund raising platforms. An event like this is a wonderful trigger to do your bit for NGO, since it symbolizes community spirit, melts all barriers and provides a unique platform for fund raising. Funds are raised for participating NGOs by: Individual runners through their social circle Corporate event participants through up front donation NGOs themselves through their volunteer and supporter base

What is the role of Official NGO Partner India Cares ?

As Official NGO Partner, India Cares is responsible for: Registration of voluntary sector organisations to fund-raise through this event, by ensuring that required entry criteria are met by the organisations and necessary documentation is submitted Ensuring that information about registered organisations is available to the public both on this website, the official event website and on request Liaising between the organisers Procam International and the NGO Participants Providing necessary administrative support to Care Champions, Corporate cares teams, iCare participants Providing necessary support to NGO Participants in their fund-raising efforts Try and get many more people involved in the socials sector by promoting the work done by the participating NGOs.

Which NGOs are eligible for fund-raising through this event ?

Only those NGOs registered with official event NGO partner India Cares are eligible for fund-raising through this event. The list of these NGOs is published on the India Cares website as well as the official event website.

What is Participating NGO?

A participating NGO is a voluntary sector organisation (or Non profit) who has registered with India Cares to raise funds through the platform of the World 10K Run by providing necessary documentation and completing the registration form. Only participating NGOs are eligible to receive funds / support through the iCare, Corporate Cares or Care Champion programs. A participating NGO is also referred to as a NGO Participant.

Who is a Care Participant?

A Care Participant registers to run in the TCS World 10K 2013 Run and at the same time raises money for a favourite participating NGO. A Care Participant can belong to one of the following categories iCare: an individual runner raising any sum of money for a chosen NGO Care Champion - Gold: An individual runner committing to raise a minimum of Rs 2 lakh for a chosen NGO Care Champion - Silver: An individual runner committing to raise a minimum of Rs 0.75 lakh for a chosen NGO Corporate Cares Team 30: A corporate registering to support a participating NGO, and contributing a sign up amount of Rs 2.25 lakh to the chosen NGO and fielding a team of 30 runners Corporate Cares Team 20: A corporate registering to support a participating NGO, and contributing a sign up amount of Rs 1.50 lakh to the chosen NGO and fielding a team of 20 runners

What are Pledges?

Pledges are donations made by friends, relatives, colleagues, employees, clients and other members of a Care Participant's social circle, to the NGO supported by the participant.

How does a Care Participant "raise" money?

A Care Participant raises money from his or her extended social circle - that of family, relatives, friends, class-mates, colleagues, clients, customers, community (both physical and virtual!), fan-base, etc. A Care participant must be well-informed about the cause he or she is supporting and the specifics of the fund requirement of the NGO, and be able to speak about it knowledgeably among people. This will result in a positive response and people will definitely contribute to the cause. The Care Participant collects contributions in the form of cheques / drafts (in the name of the NGO) or even cash or direct bank transfer. If it is cash, the Care Participant must submit an detailed sheet of the donors to the NGO and India Cares to ensure proper receipt is issued and to promote transparency. If the bank transfer is to the Care Participant's account, he or she must create an equivalent cheque. One week after the run, the Care Participant must fill the Funds Collection Sheet, Funds Submission Form and submit along with all the cheques to India Cares. India Cares forwards the cheques to the selected NGO after due processing.

What is a Fundraising Kit?

A Fundraising Kit is the "Guide to Fundraising" which helps every runner, who wants to do a little extra to support a NGO/ NGO. The kit can be downloaded here.

What is "Kingfisher Run in Costume"? How can NGOs benefit?

Kingfisher, one of the partner companies in the TCS World 10K Run, gives cash prizes for innovative costumes worn by Majja Run participants. Contestants will be judged by renowned personalities. Prize categories include: Kingfisher Sakkath Bangalorean cash prizes for 3 individuals for their best/ creative costumes Kingfisher Bombaat Brigade cash prizes for 2 groups dressed in costumes based on a theme Corporate Cares teams can wear costumes that reflect the cause of the NGO they are supporting. Teams fielded by NGOs themselves can also do the same and spread awareness about their cause in an innovative way.

Who gets the "Philanthropy Awards"?

Awards of recognition for Participating NGOs and Care Participants will be given at the post event Press Conference. The Awards categories

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