Amar Seva Sangam

    Tax Status: 12A,  80G,  35AC,  FCRA

Amar Seva Sangam

Sulochana Gardens, 10-2-163, 
Tenkasi Road, Ayikudy, 
Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, 
India -627852

Our Mission

Empowerment of the disabled; establishing a ‘Valley for the Disabled’ and Rehabilitation & Development Centre in south Tamilnadu.

Work and Achievements

After the useful service of Sangamam – our school meant for special children in the age group of 6 to 16 – for over a decade, it was decided to “Catch them young to rehabilitate fast”.

Early Intervention Centre (EIC) will intervene as early as possible to minimize disability. Research has shown that the period from birth to 6 years are the most critical years for all children, and more so for children with disabilities.

EIC’s important services include

  1. Medical treatment of children suffering from disabilities
  2. Occupational and Physiotherapy relating to self-help skills, adaptive behaviour, play, sensory, motor and postural development, sensory integration Oro motor and feeding difficulties
  3. Psychological services - counselling, consultation, parent training and behaviour modification intervention to enhance cognitive development, adaptive and learning behaviours
  4. Identifying and providing services for children with hearing loss, for congenital as well as acquired deafness
  5. Speech – language pathology to improve speech and communication  or motor skills like weakness of muscle around mouth
  6. Optometric services to identify visual disorders, provide services and training
  7. Nutrition services to address nutritional needs including feeding skills, feeding problems, food habits
  8. Psycho social services includes designing learning environments, activities that promote child’s development, providing families with information & support to enhance their child’s development
  9. Documenting and maintaining care records for service delivery and research.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Funds will help set up and grow our Early Intervention Centre's services to help identfy and minimise diabilities from an early age.

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