CAD MS Trust (Care At Door Medical Service)

    Tax Status: 12A,  80G

CAD MS Trust (Care At Door Medical Service)

No.38, 16th Cross(7th cross old), 
Saraswathi nagar, Vijay nagar, 
Bengaluru, Karnataka, 
India -570008

Our Mission

To provide the medical service for Elderly (old-age home), Disabled (Rehabilitation) and palliative care, Home care, Ambulance service, Health education.

Work and Achievements

CADMS Trust was registered for activities like home nursing, physiotherapy, doctor visits, lab sample collection, ambulance service etc. CADMS is one of the best options of total care for bedridden, physically dependent, old age and post hospitalized care. 

In April 2013 we started "Deepashri Nursing and Rehabilitation Center with Old Age Home" at Nagarbhavi - 50 bedded center single, double, triple beds with TV, attached toilet and separate kitchen. Separate dining hall, Yoga center and special ramp facility for geriatrics.

This center is specialized to accommodate -bedridden, post-head injury, stroke, terminally-ill, post-operative cancer patients palliative care and geriatric patients. This center has medical doctors, nurses, attendants, counselors and physiotherapists. Around 500 residents/ patients have been treated & the centre also acts as community research center for all types to medical and nursing students.

In September 2015, a 20 bed facility started at Deepashri Oldage Home at Rajarajeshwari Nagar. The center has only private and semi-private rooms with TV, attached toilet, wardrobes, separate kitchen, dining hall etc. The center accommodates all old-age groups with or without medical conditions who can manage with basic assistance for their daily day-to-day activities.

CADMS Trust also provides:

  1. Free Health Camps in and around Bangalore from 2010
  2. Academic service for Phd, Nursing, MHA & MPT students
  3. Health education Camps
  4. Free Medical service to Gandhi oldage home and Florence oldage home in Nagarbhavi
  5. Medical service to ECHO Special home, Death certification for HIV & leprosy patients at Sumnahalli society Bangalore. 
  6. Home Care Services
  7. Ambulance Service
  8. Laboratory and Pharmacy services for geriatric groups: Pharmacy
  9. Palliative care and Physiotherapy

Fund Utilisation Statement

To help Disabilities through rehabilitation center, elderly care through oldage home and palliative care for terminally ill people

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