Freedom Foundation Trust

    Tax Status: 12A,  80G,  FCRA

Freedom Foundation Trust

Goldline Residency, No-39 Property no.31/2, 
Rampura Cross, Bidarahalli Hobli, 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560043

Our Mission

Freedom Foundation has enhanced access to quality health care & treatment for people living with alcohol/drug abuse and/or HIV Aids through a commitment to increase awareness, treatment, care and support.

Work and Achievements

Freedom Foundation is a pioneer in the fields of Substance Abuse & HIV/AIDS Interventions in India. In a time when HIV meant shame & silence, Freedom Foundation that began work in the area of de-addiction, opened doors to people infected with HIV.

The Foundation stands tall for setting up the very first HIV ‘Comprehensive Community based Care and Support center’ (CCSC) in India. This center that is located at Bangalore was recognized as a model unit by NACO (National AIDS Control Organisation) and other national & international agencies.

Headquartered at Bangalore, the Foundation today operates from 48 physical sites at various locations in the 4 states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu & Goa.

Each location has a series of interventions that link up the continuum of care with a wide spectrum of services.

Currently the Foundation is considered as the largest service delivery NGO in Substance Abuse & HIV/AIDS sectors in India. Its plethora of very successful interventions includes a wide spectrum of activities on Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS that address the needs of children, women, and men, especially from communities that are marginalized and suffering from disease and poverty. The Substance Abuse facilities of the Foundation attract clients from various countries all over the world.

Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in the HIV/AIDS context were within the preview of the Foundation since 1996. Reaching out to nearly 200 children every year, the Foundation has about 700 children registered till date. The Foundation also has specialized facilities at Bangalore and Hyderabad that care for HIV positive abandoned orphans.

Freedom Foundation is the recipient of many International awards for its work in the Substance Abuse & HIV/AIDS sector.

UNAIDS has published a case study of the Freedom Foundation as a “Center of Excellence” and “Best Practice” on Comprehensive Care.

Fund Utilisation Statement

The fund will be used for the well-being of children living with HIV/AIDS who are under residential care at our children care centre for the expanse of their education and health.

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