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As an organisation grows, so does its responsibilities!



Vidya Sagar

Tax Status: 12A, 80G, FCRA.

As an organisation grows, so does its responsibilities!

30 years of fundraising for this wonderful institution – VIDYA SAGAR - several events – music, dance, drama, souvenirs, raffles and many more!  I must have raised at least Rs.9 crore in all! For the running of services, a little for the Kotturpuram building and for the corpus.

Many alumni of Vidya Sagar are in the 40s and 50s now, wanting to live independently – some as they feel they are a burden on their families; Some whose parents are no more;  Some are very old and infirm; Some are mentally and physically completely exhausted caring for their high-attention needs wards.

Vidya Sagar has been given a piece of land by the Tamil Nadu Govt. And we need  to build, very urgently an Assisted and Inclusive Living Project on this – an ambitious project Vidya Sagar has taken on – at an estimated cost of over Rs.25 crore.

All these years I was just a volunteer. Now, as a member on the Board of Vidya Sagar, I am excited about raising this HUGE sum.

Through TCS World 10K 2017, join me in raising Rs.1 crore for this prestigious project.

 I have immense faith in the generosity of people and their ability to somehow find something to give for a good cause and do their bit as a way to thank God for all the blessings they have received. All along they have helped Vidya Sagar to stay afloat & expand in size, depth, width and technical efficiency which has had an impact on several thousand persons with disabilities and their families.

We can never thank you all enough, dear donors, for being there for us. You are family.


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Impacting over 4000 individuals, in a given year, 31 years as a rehabilitation, resource information and demonstration centre, influencing national laws /policies.

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