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For Children- towards success, towards future



OBLF - One Billion Literates Foundation.

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For Children- towards success, towards future

Dear Friends,

Having supported the cause of children in the past years, this year I have decided to support One Billion Literates Foundation (OBLF), which works for providing equality in education to rural children.

OBLF is a Bangalore based Charitable Trust, working in rural Anekal, teaching basic English and Computer skills to children studying in rural govt. primary schools. Their goal is to enable these children an equal opportunity to gain meaningful employment on reaching adulthood. They also involve the local community by training and employing as Coordinators, educated / semi-educated women from the same communities to impart the above skills.

OBLF has measurable outcomes, and the impact of their intervention, not only on the rural children, but also on the rural women whom they employ as Coordinators, is really a worthy cause.

OBLF currently works in 25 rural Govt. primary schools in the Anekal taluk, impacting over 1000 rural children. They have identified about 25 new rural govt. primary schools, and hope to impact about 2500 children this year.

The cost of adopting a new school is Rs.1.5 lakhs, and I have set myself a target of raising enough funds to help them adopt at least one such additional school.


Expenses you can sponsor

  • Adopting existing school for 1 semester - 50,000
  • Rural Coordinator’s annual salary - 30,000
  • One new laptop - 25,000
  • Rural Coordinator’s salary for 1 semester - 15,000
  • Annual training for 3 rural children - 9,000
  • Annual training for 2 rural children - 6,000

I am running for OBLF because I believe in empowering children and women through education is an ideal way towards positive growth of a community and the nation. 

I sincerely hope that you will donate generously to help me achieve my target.



21 Donations



Raised Goal



Equality in Education through English and Computers for All & Women Empowerment through financial & intellectual independence.

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