12 Hour Challenge - Cubbon Park Rejuvenation


Pumping Life into Cubbon Park!

Cubbon Park is very precious to Bengaluru - but it’s tired! We invite all who have lived, are living or who visit our City; whether you came as a child for a picnic; whether you run in the Park every day now; whether you spend time with your loved ones; even if you have just driven through you will all have noticed how beautiful the Park is.

We learnt from the Horticulture Department that they spend lakhs of rupees every year buying water from the BWSSB to water the 7,000+ Trees and Shrubs in the Park! this, despite the Park having seven Wells, with at least 15-20 feet of water, even in the peak of summer.  We got excited. Ramprasad of Friends of Lakes helped obtain permission(s!) to clean the Wells; he connected us to S Vishwanath (‘ZenRainman’) and his company Biome, guided us with expertise and connected us to a traditional community of Well Diggers to start work.

Phase I got completed in January 2018: Phase I involved Peddanna and his team of 15 Well diggers from Bovi/ Vaddar community who are the traditional well diggers with a 1000 year history, with  support from the Horticulture Department's Deputy Director Mr Mahantesh, to work on draining, cleaning and covering of the seven Wells.

It took us 8 months to Lay pipes, get pumps, get electricity lines from near the RBI, all 6 Wells connecting to the sump that provides the sprinklers systems to water the Park.

An amazing 65,000 litres of water, is now being used, every day to nurture the 200 acres of Bengaluru's precious Lung Space. This is meeting 65% of the water requirement of the Park currently @ <10% of what the Horticulture Department was paying to BWSSB.

NOW It's Time for PHASE II

Our work is not done yet, The next phase is:

  1. Work on the 2 existing Ponds -  We take up cleaning, repairs and construction of silt traps, strengthening of bunds. 
  2. Identify Rain Water Recharge Wells - Dig 60-75 Rain Water Wells, each will be 30-50 feet deep to build the water security for the Park, Thus as long as there will be rain in Bengaluru, there will be water for Cubbon Park.



12HourChallenge is an event initiative of Protons Sports, Bengaluru to challenge runners and walkers to run/walk for 12 hours inside Cubbon Park. Protons Sports will also be donating 10% of the profit from this run to the cause of CPR. Also we will use this event to create/spread more awareness about the Park Water needs and to fundraise further for the cause. We need all your help, so go ahead and create a page and start your fundraiser program. 

Please note that you do not have to necessarily be a participant in the event to fundraise, just click on 'Create a Fundraising page' on the right hand and start your campaign for Cubbon Park!.


About Protons Sports: Protons Sports and Fitness Pvt. Ltd. is a Bengaluru based company working on holistic fitness and sports. Its mission is to get more people to lead an active lifestyle. It has been using endurance-led and mass-participatory sport of Running and Cycling to get more people active.

To Register : http://12hourchallenge.com/

We also plan a Project Report on proof of concept that can be replicated across country, esp on rain water harvesting 

For more detail write to: meena@icfn.in / dharma@protonssports.com

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