Rainbow Homes - Association for Rural and Urban Needy

    Tax Status: 12A,  80G,  FCRA

Rainbow Homes - Association for Rural and Urban Needy

H. No 24, Ground Floor, Major
Khajan Singh Building, Adchini, 
New Delhi, 
India -110017

Our Mission

Association for Rural and Urban Needy is working for providing long term, comprehensive and residential care to the street children through its child care homes.

Work and Achievements

The Rainbow Homes Program currently runs 54 homes in the country for boys and girls that formerly lived and survived on the streets of our urban cities. These homes are located in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ranchi, Pune, Patna and Anantpur and collectively house nearly four thousand children. Each home is run in cooperation with the State Government (including partial funding), and operates under the Right to Education Act, or Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, under the Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development.

The parent NGO of this foundation - Association for Rural and Urban Needy, or ARUN - is a registered society, headquartered in Andhra Pradesh. With a complete profile of registrations, including licensing for 80G and FCRA registration, ARUN has spearheaded nearly two decades of impactful social development interventions for homeless children, men and women in India’s growing urban cities. The organization believes in working with several stakeholders - including grassroot-level work and advocacy with the government and civil society - to bring about sustainable, long-term and relevant changes to society.

About our Program:
The Rainbow Home program is a child rights-based campaign that aims to work in a participatory manner by involving the parents, civil authorities and the child herself in her growth and development, with the basic and fundamental rights of the child at the centre of all decisions, processes and policies. Our values focus on unconditional care, in a long term and comprehensive manner, to nurture citizens of India that propagate the spirit of peace, justice and democracy.

About our Children:
Each of the children in our homes was formerly homeless (not those living in slums, but on the streets). Many are orphans, or children of single homeless parents, and nearly all have faced varying degrees of abuse, violence and threats that are unimaginable in severity for most of us from the economically stronger sections of society. The children land up on the streets either because they are lost and cannot find their way back home, or they have run away from terribly abusive households. Some are even born on the streets, never knowing what a home or stable roof feels like. Each one comes in the home malnourished and suffering from systemic diseases. Very few have ever had any Child & Family Implementing Agency Government Civil Society exposure to formal education, having survived instead by engaging in casual labour to make ends meet.

Provisions Within Each Home:
The Child Care Plan of each home is focused on the all-round growth and development of the children, including a comprehensive education program, nutrition (to counter malnourishment and ensure proper growth), health care (preventive, curative and promotional), career counseling, talent mentoring, and individual child care and progress plans.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Fund raised from ADHM 2019 will be utilized to fulfill basic needs – nutrition, health care, safe shelter and education of 350 former street children residing at our three child care homes in Delhi.

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