E and H Foundation

    Tax Status: 12A,  80G,  FCRA

E and H Foundation

1-D, First Floor, 
Shahpur Jat, 
, New Delhi, 
India -110049

Our Mission

E&H Foundation aims to provide quality education to 1 Lakh underprivileged children by 2025 in the state of Uttar Pradesh

Work and Achievements

  • Since inception in 2012, E&H Foundation has supported quality education of more than 19000 underprivileged children in three districts of Uttar Pradesh – Farrukhabad, Lucknow and Kanpur.
  • Improved grade-appropriate learning abilities of 5000 underprivileged children within three years. Also organized health interventions in three schools in Farrukhabad
  •  Focussed exclusively on underprivileged children and their families. More than 80% of students are first-generation learners
  • Ensured over 50% of those enrolled are girls.
  • Achieved high learning levels of students. Independent assessments by EI (ASSET) show E&H Foundation supported children perform at par with best CBSE schools in India.
  • Ensured all overhead costs are covered from internal resources, enabling all donor funds to be used directly for the education of children.
  • Developed partnerships with 6 corporate houses and more than 500 individual donors.
  • Winner of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Raise-A-Thon 2017, an online crow-funding contest on LetzChange.
  • Became permanent partners with Global Giving, one of the largest online crowd-funding communities in the world.
  •  Created visibility and awareness for providing quality education especially in UP through social media networks, case studies, video documentation, website, co-organization two conferences and by participating in the Airtel Delhi half marathon for five consecutive years from 2015 until 2019

Fund Utilisation Statement

To educate underprivileged children in slums of Farrukhabad and Lucknow.

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