Nada India Foundation

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Nada India Foundation

Youth For Well-being, 25 Jyoti Building, 
2nd Floor, Near Govt. Dispensary, Chhattarpur , 
New Delhi, 
India -110074

Our Mission

Nada India advocates for healthy public policies to prevent and control non-communicable diseases(NCDs), child friendly, gender sensitive and drug free healthy life style.

Work and Achievements

Why, what and How?

“At the current age of 17 years, Mahesh has given up his regular schooling to work fulltime as a salesman.”

Alcohol violence in the family is forcing a lot of children to join work force at an early age in our community when instead they should be in schools exercising their right to free and compulsory education. A lot of children go missing or land up on the streets because of alcohol violence and NCD burden at home.

We target to sensitize these children about the issue of alcoholism and NCDs and encourage them to continue their education using peer counseling, acudetox for healing and protection.

A pilot project has been initiated under which we are creating awareness and positivity indirectly by taking English classes for a few students from one of the communities. Support us to expand and reach out to more such children through this campaign!

“Uma Devi’s troubles became worse when her husband got addicted to alcohol and the violence and abuse became an everyday affair.”

Nada has already reached out to such women in the communities of Bapu Camp, Mandi Gaon, Chhaturpur Gaon, created self-help groups, conducted meetings and counselled the women to seek help and helped them build intolerance towards violence. We have motivated them to seek employment and be financially independent.

We intend to continue our work and aim to reach out to 240 women in the next one year by selecting a community, identifying these women, listening to their issues and helping them on their journey of empowerment through counselling and guidance.

We urge you to join Nada India in our "I am running" campaign at ADHM 2018 to raise funds for healing, protection and rehabilitation of survivors of alcohol violence.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Give 500 women & children an opportunity to receive counselling and education to live barrier free, healthy and productive life. We hope to develop employable skills of 100 youth trained in peer education and changing lives of other youth.

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