Pinkishe Foundation

    Tax Status: 12A,  80G

Pinkishe Foundation

A-202, Neelpadam Kunj, 
Vaishali Sector 1, 
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, 
India -208010

Our Mission

Menstrual Hygiene Management & Women Development.

Work and Achievements

Pinkishe is a section 80G and 12A registered Non-Government Organization with a community of 2 lakh women, focused on the development, well-being, pride and happiness of the Girl Child & Women.

The prime agenda of Pinkishe is to make women stronger in all aspects of life that relate to them. 

 Pinkishe strives to:

  1. support them become economically independent,
  2. make them aware of women rights,
  3. make the society more responsible towards women-related causes,
  4. provide them platforms where they can showcase their creativity and talent,
  5. help them get guidance and counselling over issues and
  6. motivate as well as support them do things that will make them stand taller with Pride and Dignity!

Pinkishe has multiple branches across India known as Pink Circles. These “only Women” branches work tirelessly towards making other women self-reliant and empowering them to become economically independent through various projects.

Our primary program is PadBank.

PadBank is a unique initiative of Pinkishe that works on Menstrual Hygiene. Under this program, members of Pinkishe run PadBank branches across the nation from their homes. We manufacture and distribute Sanitary Pads free to the needy girls while enhancing their awareness levels on menstrual hygiene.

Till now we have conducted around 300 PadBank events and supported more than 50000 girls and women.

Fund Utilisation Statement

The funds raised will be used for our Padbank program under which we distribute free sanitary pads to needy girls and conduct menstrual hygiene awareness training.

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