Aparajita Amita Mathew

Let’s change the lives of animals and run for Wildlife SOS!

Aparajita A. Mathew


Wildlife SOS

Tax Status: 12A, 80G, FCRA.

Let’s change the lives of animals and run for Wildlife SOS!

I have always been fascinated by all those we share our planet with and my love for animals led me to choose a path in wildlife conservation. As the Education and Outreach Officer at Wildlife SOS, I have decided to support my organisation in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (Great Delhi Run - 6 km).

Take for example the life of ten week old Mowgli, a little Sloth Bear, was left orphaned after his mother was electrocuted by poachers in Madhya Pradesh. Mowgli was rescued and rehabilitated at Agra Bear Rescue Facility. You can save several such Mowglis by your support (please watch the video attached).

Wildlife SOS rescues over 1,200 wild animals each year and more than 800 animals in the sanctuaries at any given time. We are always in need of funds for their care and rehabilitation - food, enrichments and medical treatment of all the animals.

You can contribute for the following:

1500 - purchase of food

3000 - monthly care of one bear/leopard

5000 - monthly care of one elephant

2 Lacs - corporate sponsorship

Any other contribution goes a long way in helping us give bears and other animals like Mowgli a second chance at just being free again.

Let us know if you can run for their cause and with us on Oct 20, 2019. Put on your running shoes and get set to go!

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Wildlife SOS works round the clock to make a lasting impact to protect and conserve wild species.You too can be a part of the change!

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