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Run For The Greatest Cause.

8 Crore girls in rural India quit school forever after their first period. A large number have no option but to resort to using shocking alternatives like cow dung, husk sand, mud or dry leaves during their period.

Answering the appeal of a sixteen years old schoolgirl, thousands of common women of India have shown exemplary initiative to rise as volunteers under the banner of Pinkishe Foundation and established Padbank. We stitch and distribute free environment friendly reusable sanitary pads along with providing menstrual hygiene education to support rural girls.

Without any government or corporate grants, in just about 18 months, we have conducted around 400 Sanitary Pad distribution events and have supported over 50000 girls across India. 2 villages namely Shoulda and Lutfullapur Buxer in Maachra block of Meerut district of UP are now 100% self-sufficient from menstrual hygiene perspective. Girls of these villages now attend school regularly and live a life without embarrassment and with dignity!

For next year, we have taken an ambitious target of adopting 10,000 girls living in 20 Villages across 6 states and providing them sanitary pads for a period of 24 months and making these villages 100% self- sufficient from a menstrual hygiene standpoint.

It takes only Rs. 5000/- to support 10 girls by providing them free sanitary pads for a period of 24 months. We request you to donate to help ensure that none of these girls quit their education for such a basic natural process as Menstruation.

Thank you!

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Let's ensure Sanitary Pads for every girl because each of them deserves Health & Dignity.

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