Sarita Rawat

Help a Girl “Stay at School” and Complete her education.

Sarita Rawat


Habitat for Humanity India

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Help a Girl “Stay at School” and Complete her education.

Today I want to talk to you about something very important which needs your attention.  We have a taboo in our country, where every Woman, Girl Child, be it our mother, sister, aunt, avoids talking of the problems they face – that is menstrual cycle.

Did you know that a Girl Child, Women face a lot of health problems during and after their menstrual cycle? We hesitate to discuss the problems that girls face during their periods openly, and many times girls prefer not to go to school for the fear of shame.

Did you know 24% of school girls report absent in school days during menstruation which
impacts their education? Did you know that every year 23 million girls drop out of school after reaching puberty because of this reason? This is one of the reasons in rural India where the Girl child stops her education. 

Come Let’s Change this!

Join the Stay at School campaign to help build School Toilets, Provide Hygiene Kits, provide Menstrual Hygiene training to help our girls continue their education even during their menstrual cycle.

I’m running the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to support Habitat for Humanity India to help girls “Stay at School”!

You can support me in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. 

How Can You Support?
You can support Hygiene Kit for the Girl Child. 
Hygiene kit for One Girl Child – Rs.1100/- (2 Cycles). 
Hygiene Kit for One Girl Child – Rs.6600/- (12 Cycles).
Hygiene kit for Three Girl Children – Rs.3,300/- (2 Cycles)
Hygiene kit for Three  Girl Children – Rs.19,800/- (12 Cycles)
You too can play your part and to support Habitat for Humanity India’s Stay at School campaign.

You could share this campaign and the cause with your friends, family members and ask them to support for the cause. Spread the word with your relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors, to create awareness.

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