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Let's Spread Our Blessings to Make Wishes Come True

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Wishes and Blessings

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Let's Spread Our Blessings to Make Wishes Come True

All of us have at some point in life wondered how we could help make a positive difference in the lives of the underprivileged and open windows of opportunities for them.  In my quest to do so, I established Wishes and Blessings- an NGO that works to inspire and empower wishes to make dreams come true, in April 2014.

Acting as a platform for helping the underprivileged, we aim to spread blessings and fulfil wishes by linking donors with beneficiaries. For the last 5 years we have participated in the ADHM to achoeve mulitple goals. 

In 2015, I was able to raise a substantial amount through the ADHM which was used for constructing 6 toilets at an old age home supported by Wishes and Blessings.  In 2016, I ran to raise money to get 14 underprivileged girls married in a mass wedding function. In 2017, the money I raised was used to establish our first old age home for women- Mann Ka Tilak.  In 2018 the funds raised at the ADHM were used to expand our old age home to include destitute men. The home today houses abandoned women and men and gifts each one of them a new lease of life.

This year, I will be running to raise funds for the upkeep of Mann Ka Tilak, further expand its infrastructure and facitiies to include more residents and establish a sustainable mechanism for self sustainability of the home. 

To achieve this target, I need YOUR support. You can make an online donation or send cash/cheque to Wishes and Blessings. All donations will receive 50% tax rebate u/s 80G

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WISHES AND BLESSINGS: Inspiring and empowering wishes to make dreams come true.

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