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Support the campaign “Hunger to Happiness" to help homeless women and children in Delhi

Piyusha Gupta


Indo-Global Social Service Society

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Support the campaign “Hunger to Happiness" to help homeless women and children in Delhi

Dear Friends,

I am addressing the issues of Homeless people in Delhi with Indo-Global Social Service Society( IGSSS). I believe that homeless residents play a crucial role in building a city in various capacities- like construction workers, rickshaw pullers, waste pickers, load carriers, and daily wage earners. The term ‘City-Makers ‘, coined by IGSSS, defines them as people who play an integral role in building a city.

Food is a major daily expenditure for the homeless, followed by water and sanitation services. Due to high living expenditure in the city, the homeless are unable to have any considerable savings and the majority reported Rs. 500 per month. This is a meagre amount and is often inadequate to deal with emergencies related to health or sudden evictions.

With its campaign “Hunger to Happiness,” IGSSS aims at enhancing the food intake and its quality for homeless women and children by providing them nutritious meals, sensitization on economic and healthy food options, and preparations in different homeless shelters in Delhi, along with health advisories and sanitation support.

Henceforth, I appeal to you to come forward and donate generously for this cause so that we can make lives better of our city makers.

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IGSSS brings life, freedom and dignity to the most poor and vulnerable sections of the Society.

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