Bithari Disha

    Tax Status: 80G,  FCRA

Bithari Disha

Vill & P.O. Bithari, 
P.S Swarupnagar, 
North 24 Paraganas, West Bengal, 
India -743286

Our Mission

Working to provide safe drinking water in North 24 Parganas, the water of this area is full of Arsenic & bacteria due to sanitation blocks constructed unscientifically and floods, a common occurrence cause mixing of salty sea water in fresh water ponds


Work and Achievements

Journey of Bithari Disha in this sector

Since year 2001, Bithari Disha is working among the arsenic affected population of North 24 Paranas of West Bengal. We address issues related to awareness of contaminated water,, water testing with Field Kit in the villages in association with the Gram Panchayat, increasing awareness amongst the students, community, village representatives and influential leaders.

With support from PHED, UNICEF and other like minded agencies Bithari Disha established water testing laboratory, water treatment plant and rain water storage and treatment plants along with ground water recharge techniques at North 24 Parganas District of West Bengal. 

Our Water Mission

Presently we are in need of a mobile water unit which will deliver doorstep arsenic free water at highly arsenic affected Swarupnagar Block.

Our Present Plan

As an Organization, over the past 20 years, Bithari Disha is experienced running rural water treatment plants, water testing and community awareness generation on safe use of drinking water. This time Bithari Disha also wants to promote use of Arsenic Free water through community awareness programme and also wants to create awareness on plastic free water containers through promotion of safe storage of water by using traditional water storage systems like earthen pitchers, copper water containers etc.

With this we are requesting you to contribute towards our Water Mission.

We want to raise rupees 10 lakhs for this mission, kindly donate Rs.500/- or more, for poor and needy families to get safe drinking water. Our target is to reach among 2000 such poor households who are presently suffering from chronic Arsenicosis and other water borne diseases.  

Fund Utilisation Statement

BithariDisha needs fund to build 120 more toilets and provide a mobile Water ATM to stop usage of drinking water by the families for other household requirements

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