Binu Verma

Inspiring And Empowering The Lives Of Underserved Children In Government Schools

Binu Verma


Bal Utsav

Tax Status: 12A, 80G, FCRA.

Inspiring And Empowering The Lives Of Underserved Children In Government Schools

Some dreams need wings, some ride on a chariot of desire...

The desire to support children, the desire to educate children and the desire to empower children is what I dream of.

7th Years of running and 7 years of fulfilling the dreams of 7,00,000 children across India. And this would not have been possible without the support of the fantabulous supporters like YOU.

YOU, are the one who has helped us fulfil the desires of the children going to the Government Schools across the country through our flagship programs - Sampoorna Shaala and I Shaala.

So here I am to ask you to get on to the train of desires, to join me in the journey of fulfilling the dreams of the children Bal Utsav works with.

This year I have pledged to raise Rs.10,00,000 to provide holistic education to children in Government schools

Remember When you Give Education:
You inspire hope for a better future,
- You provide good health for families,
- You increase productivity and
- You empower new leaders.

By donating 4800 Rs you will be supporting the Education of one Child in Urban India, you could also support the education of children in Rural India by donating 10800 Rs. 100% of online donations go towards educating children, this donation will be invested towards Infrastructure, Teacher Development, Scholarship and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene facilities for one full year at a school where we #ReimagineEducation

For each of you donating today, remember You are not just sponsoring a child's education, You're inspiring a great future.


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We don’t want you to support us, we want you to JOIN us!

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