Cubbon Park is an over 200 acre landmark 'lung' area of Bengaluru city, located within the heart of city in the Central Administrative Area.

The Park has over 7000 trees and shrubs representing 96 species. It was designed to sustain itself using rainwater. The Park was planned such that rain would fall on the top of the hill (which is now Chinnaswamy Stadium) and the water would flow down the hill over Cubbon Park and collect finally in Sampangi Lake. (Which is now Kanteerava Stadium)

The architect of Cubbon Park, Richard Sankey, conceived of four ponds that would collect the rainwater. These ponds would hold the water such that they would provide groundwater to the trees. The spill would flow to the lake.

Today the top of the hill is a cricket stadium. The lake is an athletic centre. But there is still a hill on which rainwater falls and there is still a park over which it can flow.

The prevailing water crisis is affecting the Trees and the Birds of the Park. Currently, the Horticulture Department has to buy STP water from BWSSB for the water requirement of the Park.

Over the next 2 years CPR aims to revive the Wells, build catchment trenches and re energise the water bodies, develop a sustainable rain water harvesting system for the water requirement of the Park, and eventually ensure the rejuvenation of Cubbon Park

Join us Bengaluru in preserving and bringing back the glory of what makes this city 'Garden City'