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    • 03rd Jun

    • 2013

    The Runners from Analog Devices India, were an awesome bunch of highly energetic people who ran for Akshara Foundation. While most of them were first timers, they all conquered the 10kms within the stipulated time. The inspiration, the music and the dhols kept them going! Sridevi Warrier, Garima Bansal,Himanshu Srivastava, Manu Nair and Dhirendra Tiwari share their experiences.
    Sridevi Warrier says “Out of 25 who registered for the TCS10K, 23 participated in the race. For most of us it was the first time and all of us finished the race well below 100 minutes target time. Those who have participated ...

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    • 22nd Jun

    • 2013

    In the last 14 years, GOONJ has worked extensively on relief and rehabilitation in a series of disasters. This is an URGENT APPEAL to join GOONJ in its campaign ‘RAHAT FLOODS’ to provide support. The situation is alarming and millions of people are affected by the devastation.
    Two trucks load of relief material are on its way while the relief efforts will continue for the next few months.
    Some of the urgent requirements are
    Material- Tarpaulins, mosquito nets, Dry ration ( primarily-rice, pulses, biscuits ) blankets and woolens, cooking utensils, buckets, torch and batteries, umbrellas, basic medicines, water purifier tablets, crutches, ...

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    • 13th Jun

    • 2013

    Rs.36,400:Not Just A Number

    - Cauvery Baliamada

     Cauvery Baliamada talks about her painstaking, but an incredible journey into the world of fundraising. Her experience was tough  and lead her to feel demotivated on certain occasions. She thanks the donors who believed in the cause and also urges people to take that one step towards making an effort in improving society.


    “Amongst many causes and NGO’s, I was pretty unsure which NGO would need financial support from me this time around. 

    Since I always felt the cause “Blindness” too close to my heart and having met Paul Muddha several times, I decided to raise funds for ...

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    • 17th Jun

    • 2013

    India Philanthropy Report 2013

    Bain & Company has just released the ‘India Philanthropy Report 2013’- The report digs deep into how NGOs assess the impact of their work and how they can better communicate the impact to donors. It was found that there is broad agreement among donors and NGOs that the work they fund is significant. 80% of donors are satisfied with the outcome of their contributions; while, 90% of the NGOs are satisfied with their accomplishments.
    Bain’s surveyed 180 high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) across four major cities as well as leaders at more than 40 ...

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