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    • 14th Aug

    • 2017

    Likitha, who was unable to come to school after she hit puberty, was very fortunate that Reaching Hands found her school and decided to implement their 'Girls Glory programme.' This programme aims in building functional toilets for the girls in school. This step is deliberately taken to combat the social taboos associated with menstrual cycles. With the help of the organisation, there were two functional toilets built in the school premises and a few sessions on sex education really helped Likitha and others to come back to school. Likitha was more comfortable when she learnt that these toilets ...

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    • 07th Aug

    • 2017

    Rachel, a Cerebral Palsy child was very delicate and needed special care when she was brought in to Diya Foundation. But at that time, the organisation did not have all the facilities to provide special care, such as toilet training etc. That is when, Rachel's parents were very supportive and were committed to do anything to make sure there is not much trouble to the organisation. Rachel was in the organisation for a brief period, before she fell very sick and was admitted to the hospital. On her birthday, the doctors said she wouldn’t make it. So, Diya ...

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    • 11th Mar

    • 2016

    “Today, 1 out of every 5 people in the world cannot read or write. Illiteracy is linked to higher rates of unemployment. In order to effectively deal with it many Civil Society Organisations (CSOs / NGOs) are working towards empowering children to secure their rights through education across India. What makes Bal Utsav special is their idea of promoting holistic education for all and a multidimensional approach to resolve the challenges.”

    Hailing from a Punjabi family settled in Delhi to getting married to a Tamilian in Bengaluru, Binu’s journey of taking a ...

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    • 18th Oct

    • 2013

    This Joy of Giving Week several lives were sheltered while the sky sang lullaby, stars played hide and seek, the moon dazzled, people revelled and a lush green field transformed into an enormous bed. Under the Stars - India's First Ever Sleep Out event - opened its arms to all the brave and compassionate souls on the 1st of October, in pursuit of providing cover to the homeless and destitute. 

    When RECAL (Alumni Association of NIT Trichy) Bangalore Chapter along with Baale Mane Gopalpura set out to organise this prodigious event, sponsored by Schneider Electric, many did not believe they could pull this off. Sleeping ...

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