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    • 14th Aug

    • 2017

    Likitha, who was unable to come to school after she hit puberty, was very fortunate that Reaching Hands found her school and decided to implement their 'Girls Glory programme.' This programme aims in building functional toilets for the girls in school. This step is deliberately taken to combat the social taboos associated with menstrual cycles. With the help of the organisation, there were two functional toilets built in the school premises and a few sessions on sex education really helped Likitha and others to come back to school. Likitha was more comfortable when she learnt that these toilets ...

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    • 29th Apr

    • 2013

    Reaching Hand in the previous World 10k was able to raise 3 lacs.

    This has been utilized to support their children’s home and impact the lives of 47 orphans and destitute children. They were also able to sensitize the fellow Bangaloreans on the issues of child rights, green environment and good governance.

    Well done
    And All the Best for this year's edition

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