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TATA STEEL KOLKATA 25K has raised Rs 3.02 crore since 2014

The TSK 25K platform provides a bridge for everyone to associate with a cause close to their heart and connect with a Civil Society Organisation (CSO/ NGO) working on the cause.

For Companies it provides an opportunity for employees to engage with the CSR mission of the company while promoting health and fitness.

All stakeholders of a CSO can get together to promote their cause in as many ways and places as possible to generate more support - friends and funds.

A CSO registers with the Philanthropy Partner, India Cares Foundation and provides their legal documentation, audit report; and utilisation report of funds raised in the previous edition of the event, if they have participated.

Team India Cares then works with the registered CSOs to know their work and fund requirement, communications, obtaining volunteers, Board members and the community served, involved in promoting their cause and need, especially highlighting the impact of their service in society.

In 2018, 36 CSOs participated in the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K, they raised Rs 65.35 lakh, 27% more than in 2017. India Cares places an emphasis on involvement of individuals in fundraising, building awareness and contributing. The CSOs really followed this principle: 58% of funds raised were from and by individuals and four Care Champions (individuals) who set their own fundraising targets raised Rs 10.54 lakh; and 12 Companies contributed Rs 27.50 lakh. CSOs themselves put efforts into raising  funds and raised Rs 15.15 lakh!  All together there were 36 fundraisers; and the 36 CSOs received donations from 559 donors.

These funds will help provide services to benefit disadvantaged sections of society, including children, youth and adults. The services include Education, Health care, including Mental health and Mobility Aids; and Skills building to enhance livelihood opportunities.

Fundraisers Frequently Asked

How will I know if someone has donated online to support me?

You will receive an email notifying you when someone makes a donation. You can also log in to your account on the India Cares website and you will be able to view your fundraising total to date by clicking on Reports in the 'My Accounts' section to view who has donated and how much they gave.

Some people are not comfortable donating online. Can they still send in their donations?

Yes. Although donating online is often more secured than conventional postal methods, many people are more comfortable sending or giving a cheque. Please collect cheques in the name of the chosen CSO you are fundraising for.

When someone makes a donation online, will they receive an automated thank you letter from India Cares?

Yes, everyone who donates online will receive a thank you email, which can be drafted by you and will also get the 80G tax e-receipt. You should also send a personalised "thank you" letter to your donor.

What are Pledges ?

Pledges are donations made by friends, relatives, colleagues, employees, clients and other members of a fundraiser Participant's social circle, to the CSO supported by the participant.

How does a Fundraisers Participant "raise" money?

A fundraisers Particpant raises money from his or her extended social circle - that of family, relatives, friends, class-mates, colleagues, clients, customers, community (both physical and virtual!), fan-base, etc. A fundraisers Participant must be well-informed about the cause he or she is supporting and the specifics of the fund requirement of the Civil Society Organisations - CSO/ NGO, and be able to speak about it knowledgeably among people. This will result in a positive response and people will definitely contribute to the cause. The fundraisers Participant collects contributions in the form of cheques / drafts (in the name of the CSO) or direct bank transfer. If it is cash, which is not encouraged, the fundraisers Participant must submit an equivalent cheque in the CSO's name. If the bank transfer is to the fundraisers Participant's account, once again he or she must create an equivalent cheque. One week before the run, the fundraisers Participant must fill the Funds Collection Sheet, Funds Submission Form and submit along with all the cheques to India Cares. India Cares forwards the cheques to the selected CSO after due processing. An fundraisers participant can also create an appeal page on the India Cares website and raise money online throughout the country.

Is it safe to use my credit card online? What about privacy?

In order to prevent unauthorized access and protect our donors personal information, there are the highest levels of internet security for its site transactions.

How do donors know if their credit card donations went through ?

The India Cares website system will automatically generate a donation confirmation email when the transaction goes through. The donor will receive this email and an e-receipt which should be printed out for tax purposes.
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