What are the main activities of India Cares?

Vision: We believe CivilSociety Organisations (CSOs/ NGOs) are a vital element in building a HumaneSociety


Mission: To grow credibility and accountability of CSOs throughPublic Communications, Donor Management, Leadership Involvement and ResourceMobilisation


Fundamentals to our Approach:

  • Westrive to collaborate with other agencies who believe in, and can enhance, ourapproach


Our activities are -Philanthropy Partners in TCS World 10k Bengaluru and Airtel Delhi HalfMarathon; CEO Forum; Digital Wishtree; ReachOut. We are Enabling Partnersin EduDaan and CPR-Cubbon ParkRejuvenation

What is India Cares own Privacy Policy?

User information on this site is kept strictly confidential. The site may, however, use this information from time to time for purposes such as corresponding with the users for various issues. We shall duly seek permission of the users in such cases.

Our Privacy Policy

How is India Cares funded?

We are largely supported by donations received for the services provided and from a very few individuals who believe and see the value in the support we provide in the social sector in the areas that help in strengthen the CSO/ Social Sector

How does India Cares select its CSOs for the website, does it have a due diligence process and how do I know its trustworthy?

CSO registrations on our website are open for any CSO fulfilling the basic requirements of being registered with the Government with 12A Certification, tax exemption status U/S 80G, have regular audit and tax returns filed and are willing to be transparent about the usage of funds raised through India Cares.

CSOs who want to associate with us also need to provide a utliasation report on the funds raised through our platform/ association

Does India Cares charge a fee?

India Cares is a registered as a 'Trust' thus to continue our support for the social sector we ask for a contribution/ donation for the support provided to CSOs, Donors, Corporate.

Is there a minimum donation?

Minimum donation amount is Rs 50/-

Is there any way to keep track of my donations?

Once a person registers on our website, they can view all donations made by them and raise funds too for events like ADHM, TCS World 10K, projects of CSOs.

How are events like Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and TCS World 10k Bengaluru connected with charity?

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs/ NGOs) utilise this platform to raise awareness and funds to support their cause. World over marathons are revered for the emotional connect that they establish in the hearts and minds of citizens.

These are platforms to come together, A celebration that cuts across social and economic barriers, A sporting movement that lays emphasis on the joys of communal harmony and that triumph of human spirit.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

What is India Cares’s own Privacy Policy?

User information on this site is kept strictly confidential. The site may, however, use this information from time to time for purposes such as corresponding with the users for various issues. We shall duly seek permission of the users in such cases.

However CSOs/ NGOs do receive the name and email ids of the donors who have donated to them, for them to build relations further.

India Cares does not save/ collect the financial data (credit card/ debit card numbers/ account details) of any donor.

Staff of India Cares signs a Non Disclosure agreement for the data that comes in to the organisation

What are the main activities of India Cares?

Our emphasis is on assisting Civil Society Organisations (CSOs/ NGOs) to reach out to the public (individuals and companies) andraise resources and friends.The areas we work in are Communications and Donor Management, Leadership Involvement and Resource Mobilisation. Since 2008, 800+ CSOs/ NGOs have associated with us and raised Rs 57+ crore

 We are associated as Philanthropy Partners with the annual TCS World 10K Bengaluru and Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.

We promote India’s Festival of Giving – Daan Utsav by organizing events to raise funds and awareness, we have developed a digital Wishtree for individuals to give more than just money, if they feel like.

Our initiatives include - CSR Mela; CEO Forum, ReachOut.

What are the Benefits of Registration for an CSO/ NGO in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM)?

NGO participate mainly to raise friends and funds and

  • Weight-age of India Cares brand backing your organisation.
  • Registration (especially early registration) places the name of your organisation on a list from which companies and individual runners select the organisations they support.
  • Encouragement and support to you and your team to use the opportunity for fundraising.
  • Opportunity to attend one or two training courses that have proven to have helped raise friends and funds.
  • One of the least cost effective ways of fundraising and reaching out to the local public for any organisation.
  • Making every person associated with the CSO/ NGO coming together, working towards the common goal.
  • The amount of publicity the event generates does rub off on the participating CSOs too.
  • The fact that the CSO/ NGO is participating in a public event, watched world over, corporate giving support the the CSO/ NGO, an individual is willing to commit to raise a funds for the CSO/ NGO - all these increases the credibility of the CSO/NGO.
  • The systems in place put together by India Cares and the event organisers, Procam International are transparent and money is tracked, utlisation is reported, which has built the confidence of the society in the participating CSOs/ NGOs

How is the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon connected with Charitable Giving?

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon has assumed a stature of eminence, for two main reasons:

  1. It is a world class Event, sponsored by leading brands
  2. The largest single opportunity to promote and support an Civil Society Organisations (CSO/ NGO) in north India
  3. The CSOs participating in the event are willing to be transparent about the utilisation of funds, which makes is easier for people to donate and raise funds

Many runners/ participants/ well wishers of organisations use the Event as an opportunity to give back to society and the underprivileged by donating and/ or fundraising through their network. The charity aspect is well regulated and hence, serves as an assurance to prospective donors.

The event has raised over Rs 40+ crore for over 200 organisations working in all causes in the ast 9 years

What is the role of Official ‘Philanthropy Partner’, India Cares?

As Official Philanthropy Partner, India Cares is responsible for:

  • Registration of CSOs/ NGOs to utilise the platform of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to raise funds
  • CSO Registrations are processed only after the organisations submits basic information, legal documents and providing a utlisations report of funds raised, if any, in the previous edition of the event.
  • Ensuring that information about registered organisations is available to the public both on the Philanthropy Partners website, the official event website, and on request
  • Liason between the organisers  of the Event, Procam International and the CSO Participants to ensure that the CSOs/ NGOs make the best use of the Event to promote their cause and fund raise
  • Providing necessary administrative support to Care Champions, Corporate Cares teams, and iCare fundraisers.
  • Providing necessary support to Registered CSOs in their fundraising efforts
  • Getting many more people involved in the social sector by promoting the causes and specific work done by the registered CSOs
  • Gathering data on funds raised, validating through documentation provided, accounting and submitting the same for public knowledge and accountability
  • Gathering the utilization report of the CSOs who have participated in the previous edition and are participating again to know the impact of the funds raised

Which CSOs/ NGOs are eligible to fundraising through the ADHM?

Only Civil Soceity Organisations, CSOs/ NGOs registered with the event’s official Philanthropy Partner – India Cares, are eligible for fundraising through the event. CSOs who wish to participate have to complete a Registration Form; and submit the following documents:

  • Income Tax Registration Document (12A)
  • PAN Number
  • Last Financial years Audited Records
  • 80G Exemption Document
  • FCRA Certificate (If available/ applicable)
  • 35AC Document (If available/ applicable)
  • Utilization of funds raised in the previous edition (if participated)
  • Copy of Annual Report last made public

CSOs need to get in touch with India Cares at adhm@icfn.in or call 011 4109 6623 for this process

What is Pledge Raising?

Pledge Raising is an initiative where an individual collects donations for the cause/ NGO s/ he feels strongly about by asking friends, colleagues and other acquaintances for funds. Pledge Raising/ Fund Raising not only gives a chance to make a difference in the life of the underprivileged but also sets the donor on the path of social networking for a chosen cause through an NGO/ CSO

What are the modes of collection used to raise pledges/ funds?

  1. Online through the Fundraiser/ CSO Page(s) on the India Cares website; or if the CSO has a website which takes donations you can receive donations directly
  2. Offline through Cheques and Cash to be raised in the name of the chosen CSO. In this case keep a photocopy of the Cheque and the Receipts issued for cash donations, as a record for us to verify funds raised
  3. Cash donations can be taken, provided the required details for the CSO to give receipt - Full Name, email id, contact number and address, PAN number (in case of donations over Rs 2000/-) should be given


Who is a Care Champion?

A Care Champion is an individual who decides to raise funds for a CSO/ NGO. Usually a volunteer, staff member or Board member; however it could be any individual who is willing to fund raise for a cause. The categories under which they can raise funds are:

  1. Care Champion Platinum – A Care Champion Diamond  is an individual who commits to raise a minimum of Rs 10 lakh for his or her chosen cause or CSO
  2. Care Champion Diamond – A Care Champion Diamond  is an individual who commits to raise a minimum of Rs 5 lakh for his or her chosen cause or CSO
  3. Care Champion Gold – Under this category she or he commits to raising a minimum of Rs 2.50 lakh through pledges for the cause or CSO of his or her choice through the ADHM
  4. Care Champion Silver - An individual who commits to raising a minimum of Rs 1 lakh for the cause or CSO of his or her choice through the ADHM
  5. Youth Cares Team – Specially designed for students of educational institutions who wish to participate and raise funds, raise a cumulative minimum amount of Rs 75,000
  6. iCare  – An individual who who raises funds of any amount for a chosen cause. To start fundraising, click here to get a 'Guide to Fundraising'


How do Corporates Run for a cause?

1.     2.     3.     Team 40:A company makes an upfront non-refundable contribution of Rs 3,75,000 in favour of chosen CSO and fields ateam of upto 40 employees.

4.     Team 60:A company makes an upfront non-refundable contribution of Rs 5,00,000 in favour of the chosen CSO and fieldsa team of upto 60 employees.

Theamounts above do not include the applicable event entry fees for individualteam members. These need to be paid additionallydepending upon the race category chosen by individual team members to the eventpromoters (vide cheque/ DD/ Bank Transfer) ‘Procam International Pvt. Ltd. -ADHM’.

Do all the donations received by an CSO/NGO or CSO's/NGO's Fundraiser have to be reported to India Cares?

Yes. This is very important. The amount raised by an individual through this Event IS an important indicator of the success of the Event – for the Press and the Public; and also for the Event Organiser and the Title Sponsor; as well as for India Cares. The total amount raised is made public through a ‘Charity Docket’ released to the Press at a ‘Philanthropy celebration’ evening held about six-seven weeks after the event. The amounts raised in total and for each CSO, and by every Category of Company and Fundraiser is based on the detail which is submitted by the participating CSO and verified by India Cares. This process ensures transparency in accounting for funds raised to donors and to society, which increases donor and society confidence. The pariticiating CSO also provides a utlisation report to India Cares for the funds raised, which is again made public.

What is ‘Online Giving’?

This is a quick and easy way to collect money for an CSO or donate to an CSO. The CSO provides summary information on their organisation and what funds are being raised for, on the India Cares Event website.

All friends, well-wishers, etc. can visit and donate on the website’s secure payment gateway managed by Axis Bank, RazorPay and PayTm Wallet.

Runners who register for the Run are also encouraged to visit India Cares website and donate to a cause they want to support. Thus visibility and unexpected donations too happen! India Cares will then transfer the amount collected to the chosen CSO.

Online Giving provides a secure, simple and convenient platform to collect money for a good cause.

How does a Civil Society Organisations (CSO/ NGO) give 80G receipts for donations received through the India Cares website?

Receipts for online donations are an automated process, and given by India Cares as India Cares too is a registered Trust and the amount contributed online comes to India Cares bank account. The donors receive a ‘Thank you’ mail with an e-80G receipt attached as soon as a donation is made.

Thus a CSO is not required to give the 80G to these donors. However, for every donation that a CSO receives through India Cares website,  the CSO receives an intimation mailer about the donation, along with the Donor’s email id to send a 'Thank you' note/ mail from their end

Why should an individual be a Care Champion?

An individual can help a CSO/ NGO more by being a Champion. It is easy to make a one time contribution but a Champion helps an organisation in more ways than raising funds. The benefits the CSO gets are:

  • A Champion's network knows about the cause and work being done by the CSO
  • A CSO's donor base grows
  • A fundraiser helps the CSO do more and at the same time gives friends and family a chance to contribute
  • Credibility and Visibility of the CSO too grows as the Champion is willing to take on a target for the CSO

The Care Champions too get a few perks from the event organisers

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