Royal Mysuru Marathon

What are the Benefits of Registration for an CSO/ NGO in the Royal Mysuru Marathon (RMM))?

RMM gives a NGOs/ CSOs a platform to get in touch with the city, its people and talk about the work its doing for the less privileged in the Society. It also helps in raising funds, undesignated funds through its network and people who participate in the event.

How will India Cares Help a CSO/ NGO?

India Cares, being the Philanthropy Partner, will work with the event organisers to spread awareness about the organisations participating in the event, thus encouraging the general public, companies and groups of people to support a cause by contributing, fundraising and running for the cause they want to support.

What are the modes of collection used to raise funds?

  1. Online through the Fundraiser/ CSO Page(s) on the India Cares website; or if the CSO has a website which takes donations you can receive donations directly
  2. Offline through Cheques and Cash to be raised in the name of the chosen CSO. In this case keep a photocopy of the Cheque and the Receipts issued for cash donations, as a record for us to verify funds raised.

How do companies contribute to a cause?

Companies can choose from any of the CSOs listed with India Caresfor the Event to contribute. If the company’s preferred charity is notregistered with India Cares, India Cares will assist the CSO/ NGO in completingits registration formalities and lend their hand in building awareness andcredibility to the cause.

At RMM 2017, companies can choose to support a cause by fielding a'WeSupport' team. A  Company makes an upfront non-refundable contributionof Rs 25,000/- for the chosen CSO in favour of India Cares Foundation and fieldsa team of up to 5 employees. For every additional employee (not more than 10additional numbers) a company wishes to field, an amount of Rs 2,500 needs tobe paid per additional employee. In addition, the company will have to submit a“WeSupport” registration form to India Cares.

The company has to; apart from the contribution to the cause payevent entry fees for the registration of their employees, as per the racecategory chosen by each individual in the team. Of the contribution mentionedabove India Cares management contribution, for the support provided, will begiven by the CSO/ NGO as per the break-up given

Why do CSOs/ NGOs raising funds report to India Cares about the amount raised?

Yes. This is very important. This process ensures transparency in accounting for funds raised to donors and to society, which increases donor and society confidence. The participating CSO/ NGO also provides a utlisation report to India Cares for the funds raised, which is again made public for the growth of the sector and individuals contributions too.

How does a Civil Society Organisations (CSO/ NGO) give 80G receipts for donations received through the India Cares website?

Receipts for online donations are an automated process, and given by India Cares as India Cares too is a registered Trust and the amount contributed online comes to India Cares bank account. The donors receive a ‘Thank you’ mail with an e-80G receipt attached as soon as a donation is made.

Thus a CSO is not required to give the 80G to these donors. However, for every donation that a CSO receives through India Cares website,  the CSO receives an intimation mailer about the donation, along with the Donor’s email id to send a 'Thank you' note/ mail from their end

How can an individual raise funds for a cause in RMM?

Individuals who want to make a greater difference do more than contributing... they raise funds through their own network of family, friends, colleagues. These come under the section 'iSupport'.

Individuals can create their own fundraising pages on India Cares Website

They then circulate this appeal to their network and people can contribute online, or send them cheques, etc.

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