Indian Cancer Society

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Indian Cancer Society

No.CA1, Mahabodhi Meditation Centre, 
Siddapur Road, Jayanagar 1st Block, 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560011

Our Mission

Indian Cancer Society, Karnataka Office, is dedicated to eliminating Cancer as a major health challenge.

Work and Achievements

Indian Cancer Society (ICS) operates through a community of volunteers to:

  • Create awareness that cancer is preventable and curable
  • Facilitate early detection of cancer
  • Offer emotional support and medical aid to cancer patients
  • Establish and encourage cancer survivorship programs
  • Reintegrate cancer survivors back into society
  • Facilitate advocacy and research against cancer.

Indian Cancer Society, Karnataka Office, is working towards bringing down the cancer incidence and mortality rates in the region through increased awareness levels and early detection of breast, oral and cervical cancer. ICS has been conducting Cancer Detection Camps in Bengaluru and Rural Karnataka free of charge. We plan to scale up our operations to serve a larger number of people, specifically focusing on the needy and low-income groups. In addition, we conduct Cancer Awareness Sessions across Karnataka and provide Emotional Support to Cancer patients and Care givers.

Fund Utilisation Statement

For screening camps in Rural areas of Karnataka and within Bangalore city. Also, the funds will be used for the initial treatment of the patient.

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