Motivation India

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Motivation India

#27, 7th Main Road, Behind BDA Complex, 
1st Stage, 2nd Block, HBR Layout, 
Bengaluru, Karnataka, 
India -560043

Our Mission

The right wheelchair in the right way can transform a life. Motivation India works with people with mobility disabilities across India by providing customized and appropriate wheelchairs.

Work and Achievements

Motivation India is registered as a public charitable trust, dedicated to
improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities across India.

The vision of Motivation is of a world in which persons with disabilities are included and can fully participate in all aspects of life. Our mission is to advance the design and provision
of wheelchairs so that more people living in the developing world an enjoy greater
independence and opportunity.

Our work: Wheelchairs are at our heart- but not just any wheelchair- it’s the right wheelchair,
fitted to meet an individual’s particular needs and robust enough to withstand the
environment they live in, that can truly transform a life.

Since 2010, Motivation India has positively impacted the lives of more than 13,000
persons with disabilities by providing them with appropriate and customised

Motivation India works with partner NGOs and government bodies
across India to promote the concept of appropriate wheelchair services.

Our primary aim is to establish a wheelchair service network in India that is in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) guideline on wheelchair services.

Fund Utilisation Statement

Improve mobility, independence and confidence of 250 persons with disabilities by providing customised wheelchairs and peer training.

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