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 I will be running the TCS World 10K Marathon. Together we will ensure that girls Stay at School!



Habitat for Humanity India

Tax Status: 12A, 80G, FCRA.

I will be running the TCS World 10K Marathon. Together we will ensure that girls Stay at School!

Priyamani has been drawn to various causes and one very close to her heart is “Help a Girl Stay at School”. A campaign which is spear headed by Habitat for Humanity India. Every year 23 million girls, in India drop out of school after reaching puberty. The lack of functional toilets, lack of sanitary pads, and awareness on menstrual health and hygiene are keeping girls away from school and make them vulnerable to various infections which left unaddressed, affects reproductive health and their overall health. Menstruation is one of the major reasons for girls to miss schools. It is critical for our girls to break free of shame and constraints attached to menstruation. Due to lack of improved sanitation units, young girls fear going to school during menstruation for the fear of being shamed. Your gift or contribution of a HYGIENE KIT, COUNSELLING SESSIONS, STAY AT SCHOOL KIT will help Habitat for Humanity India, provide a girl with necessary hygiene and menstrual health support.

The cost of a Hygiene Kit is Rs1100  (Sanitary napkins (20 pieces), Handwash gel, Vaginal wash, Vaginal wipes/ tissue papers, One piece of toothpaste, toothbrush, nail cutter and comb)

The cost of organising Counselling Sessions is Rs1400  (Rs300 per person + Rs1100 Hygiene Kit)

The cost of Stay at School Kit is Rs3400 (Rs2000 for Sanitation Unit + Rs1100 for Hygiene Kit)

Habitat for Humanity India is FCRA approved non-profit organisation. It is certified by CRISIL with an A-1 rating and GuideStar India's Advanced Level – Gold Certification. Your contributions are eligible for tax benefit under section 80G.

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Habitat for Humanity India is a non-profit organization that builds homes and provides housing-related services to low-income, marginalized families across India

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