Ruby Kamdin

Empowering Women and Children through basic Education and Computer

Ruby Kamdin


OBLF - One Billion Literates Foundation

Tax Status: 12A, 80G, FCRA.

Empowering Women and Children through basic Education and Computer

Since the last over 12 years, I have been imparting English Language skills to underprivileged children.

I am currently managing the affairs of One Billion Literates Foundation (OBLF) as its Director, on a volunteer basis.

OBLF – a Registered Charitable Trust, was founded in 2010, with 80G exemption as well as 12A & FVRA Registration.

Goal - To enable underprivileged children to gain meaningful employment on reaching adulthood.

Path - Teaching English and computer skills to children of Rural Government Primary schools.

Strategy – To train and employ Rural women from the same communities to impart the above skills.

ImpactWe impact over 2900 children in 48 rural government primary schools.

Modus Operandi -  

Sign MOU with State Education Department.

Adopt Rural Govt. Primary schools with available infrastructure.

Involve community through employment of local women.

USP - Cost per child only Rs.3K p.a. & Management costs well under 5 %

Measurable Outcomes of the impact of our intervention. 

Goal– To continue to impact under-privileged children next academic year.

Expenses you can sponsor

Adopting existing school for 1 semester - 50,000/-

Rural Coordinator’s annual salary - 30,000/-

One new laptop - 25,000/-

Rural Coordinator’s salary for 1 semester - 15,000/-

Annual training for 3 rural children - 9,000/-

Annual training for 2 rural children - 6,000/-


I look forward to your support.



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Raised Goal



Equality in Education through English and Computers for All & Women Empowerment through financial & intellectual independence.

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