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Run for better healthcare facilities

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Run for better healthcare facilities


I will be running my first TCS World 10K Bangalore Run in May 2018 to raise awareness for Healthcare. I believe good healthcare facilities should be made available to everyone in our country.

India faces a growing need to fix its basic health concerns in the areas of HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, and diarrhea. Additionally, children under five are born underweight and roughly 7% of them die before their fifth birthday. Sadly, only a small percentage of the population has access to quality sanitation, which further exacerbates some key concerns above. India has 48 doctors per 100,000 citizens. The urban-rural gap in availabilities of healthcare is huge and this is because the rural areas fail to attract new graduates because of financial reasons.

MSF has worked in India since 1999, providing free-of-charge essential healthcare to people in remote areas, and specialist care for people affected by HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, acute febrile illnesses, tuberculosis, kala azar and sexual and gender-based violence. Funds raised will be used for providing free of cost primary and secondary healthcare and treatment to patients suffering from diseases such as HIV, TB, malnutrition and hepatitis C.

Please donate as much as you can. Thank you for making a difference and supporting my cause.

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MSF received the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development in 1996 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

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