Maya Dsouza

'U' can help Reaching Hands to  change the lives of our future generations

Maya Dsouza


Reaching Hand

Tax Status: 12A, 80G, FCRA.

'U' can help Reaching Hands to change the lives of our future generations

Maya is a 12 year girl, Daughter, Sister, friend and a concerned citizen. However she feels very strong about helping others .

Maya believes it's extremely important for girls and boys of all ages, to have equal opportunities a right to education.  

Each Child has the right to feel:

  1. To an Education
  2. To be healthy.
  3. To stay safe.
  4. To learn how to make positive contribution.
  5. To achieve economic well-being

However there are thousands of girl and boy  children who do not get this opportunity due to economic challenges, social stigma and social pressure to remove girls from the education system at an young age.  Reaching Hands has been committed from 1996 to work with vulnerable children, marginalized women and girls  to empower them to lead a life of hope, self-worth and dignity.

Last year's funds were utilized towards Girl's Glory program. This years funds will be supporting Educational expenses for all children. 

I urge you to join in donating in this cause Maya is supporting and she’s determined to make a difference to these wonderful and talented children who she also calls them her friends. Please help Maya raise funds and to prove age isn’t a factor to improve the another childs life.

Please help me make a differnce 

Maya Dsouza

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Making today’s vulnerable children into tomorrow’s leaders.

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