Sudhir Sunder Shetty

I take the opportunity of strengthening VRFA in their tryst by running the TCS 2019 10KM

Sudhir Sunder Shetty


Vasantharatna Foundation for Arts

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I take the opportunity of strengthening VRFA in their tryst by running the TCS 2019 10KM

“Either I will come back after hoisting the Tricolor, or I will come wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure" - Kargil Shahid Vikram Batra (1974-1999)

Whenever there has been a terrorist attack or cross border attacks on our soil many of our brave Son’s of the Soil have martyred. 

We, the common man, will vent our anger in social media, do candle light march and show solidarity in various means and ways. We will find ourselves helpless at times. We will be grateful to the brave warriors and the martyrs. We will even shed tear and pray for the Martyrs Families. Then its life as usual for us. What happens to the martyr’s loved ones his old parents, his siblings, his Wife and his Children?

For them the grueling life begins as in some cases the Martyr would have left behind a newly wedded wife or a wife with small children and parents to take care or old parents who may have lost their only child or families might have lost their only bread earner.

Vasantharatna Foundation for Arts (VRFA) is an organization lead by the Mrs. Subhashini
Vasanth W/o Shahid Vasanth Venugopal who channeled her grief and took a pledge to
support the Families of the Veer Martyrs by “Empowering the Widow of the Martyr and
educating the Children of the Martyr”. She and VRFA live by their pledge. VRFA works
tirelessly for this cause and leaves no stone unturned.

I take the opportunity of strengthening VRFA in their tryst with destiny by running the TCS 2019 10KM and raising funds for them for the 5th year in continuation. I urge each one of you to help me and join me in supporting Mrs. Vasanth & her team to give a better life to the Martyrs families. Our small contribution will allow the martyr to Rest in Peace and be assured his sacrifice has not gone in vain. 

Let us go beyond social media posts and make the martyred soldier believe that his family is been taken care.

Please do not let me down and continue to support me as you have been doing in the last 4 fund raisers. Please pass this onto your friends and families and urge them to support.
Jai Hind

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Empowering Martyr Families. 

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