Action for Ability Development and Inclusion

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Action for Ability Development and Inclusion

2, Balbir Saxena Marg, 
Hauz Khas, 
New Delhi, 
India -110016

Our Mission

AADI, A National level organization, works for the rights of people with disability in Delhi-NCR

Work and Achievements

Started in 1978, AADI is an established National level organization working for the rights of people with disability.

AADI works with rights based, cross disability and a life span approach in urban and rural areas. It focuses on the specific needs in the areas of health including mental health, education, livelihoods, shelter, leisure, citizenship, etc.

Over the last forty years, AADI has emerged as a duty bearer of rights of persons with disabilities. It has influenced law and policy, capacity building programs, research and service delivery programs, aligned with the vision of an inclusive society.


I. The Institute for Ability Development and Inclusion: Research, design and disseminate capacity building processes for law and policy makers, disabled people, civil society, professionals from the fields of education, health, mental health, human resource, law and architecture.

II. A web based Knowledge Management and Advocacy Centre for Ability and Inclusion: Provide access to information and knowledge resources for all impairments and rights of persons with disabilities to policy makers, service providers, civil society and disabled people.

III. Model Community Program for Ability Development and Inclusion: A Delhi-NCR based program for early identification of disabled people and developing community resources for health, habilitation and rehabilitation, education, art, culture, transport, livelihoods and independent living.

IV. Leadership Program for Persons with Disability and facilitating formation of parent groups.

Fund Utilisation Statement

AADI will provide inclusive services to people with disabilities for health & well being, education, training, employment & accessing civil & political rights. We will further train inclusive service providers to address their needs.

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