What are the main activities of India Cares?

Vision: We believe Civil Society Organisations (CSOs/ NGOs) are a vital element in building a Humane Society


Mission: To grow credibility and accountability of CSOs through Public Communications, Donor Management, Leadership Involvement and Resource Mobilisation


Ourapproach is to build the capacity of CSOs to communicate their cause and raiseresources and We strive to collaborate with other agencies who believe in, and can enhance, our approach


Our activities are - Philanthropy Partners in TCS World 10k Bengaluru and Airtel Delhi Half Marathon; Tata Steel Kolkata 25K; Digital Wishtree; ReachOut. We are Enabling Partners in CPR-Cubbon Park Rejuvenation

What is India Cares own Privacy Policy?

User information on this site is kept strictly confidential. The site may, however, use this information from time to time for purposes such as corresponding with the users for various issues. We shall duly seek permission of the users in such cases.

Our Privacy Policy

How is India Cares funded?

We are largely supported by donations received for the services provided and from a very few individuals who believe and see the value in the support we provide in the social sector in the areas that help in strengthen the CSO/ Social Sector

How does India Cares select its CSOs for the website, does it have a due diligence process and how do I know its trustworthy?

CSO registrations on our website are open for any CSO fulfilling the basic requirements of being registered with the Government with 12A Certification, tax exemption status U/S 80G, have regular audit and tax returns filed and are willing to be transparent about the usage of funds raised through India Cares.

During the period of association for Events, we meet and visit most of the CSOs too.

CSOs who want to associate with us also need to provide a utilization report on the funds raised through our platform/ association

Does India Cares charge a fee?

India Cares is a registered as a 'Trust' thus to continue our support for the social sector we ask for a contribution/ donation for the support provided to CSOs, Donors, Fundraisers and Corporate.

Is there a minimum donation?

Minimum donation amount is Rs 50/-

Is there any way to keep track of my donations?

Once a person registers on our website, they can view all donations made by them and raise funds too for events like ADHM, TCS World 10K, TSK25K, etc

How are events like Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and TCS World 10k Bengaluru, Tata Steek Kolkata 25K connected with charity?

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs/ NGOs) utilise these platforms to raise awareness of thier work with the Cause and funds to support their beneficiaries, growth at least expense in fundraising. All stakeholders have an opportunity to get involved and come together for the cause.

World over marathons are revered for the emotional connect that they establish in the hearts and minds of citizens. A celebration that cuts across social and economic barriers, A sporting movement that lays emphasis on the joys of communal harmony and that triumph of human spirit.

Donor faqs

How is India Cares different from other CSOs/ NGOs?

We are a support organisation, working to strengthen the eco system for the social sector by acting as a bridge and we build capacities of Civil Society Organisations - CSOs/ NGOs in the areas of Communications and Resource Mobilization.

Who manages India Cares?

A team of 8 full time and 2 part timer staff, across 3 cities of Bengaluru, Delhi and Kolkata, with the strong, hands on, support by a board, manages India Cares, and thus keep operating cost at less than 9%

How much of my donation reaches the CSO I select?

95% of the donation made by you reaches the CSO you have chosen.

What tax benefits will I get for my donations through India Cares?

All donations will receive an e-receipt which gives tax benefits U/S 80G (50%).

Why should I donate through India Cares?

By donating through India Cares you can rest assured it is going to a registered organisation. You can choose from any of the ngos registered with us, Also the organisation that do not have a web payment facility will benefit from your donation and save you the hassle of sending cheques and follow up for receipts since the receipt for donations through India Cares is immediate, within 5 minutes in your mailbox.

I like what India Cares is doing. Can I donate money to you?

Yes you can choose to donate to us and help strength the eco system for the social sector. You can make a contribution to India Cares here: https://www.icfn.in/donate/ngo/india-cares-foundation/

Are India Cares employees paid for their work?

Yes, the employees are paid for their work as per the standards of the social sector.

Do you have an Annual Report?

Yes, we do have our annual report and all the reports can be viewed here:


Why do I need to register with India Cares before making a donation?

You do not need to register with India Cares to make a donation to any CSO/ NGO or fundraiser. You need to register only if you are creating a fundraising page.

India Cares sent me a password. Can I change it?

Yes, we advise you to change your password to something you can remember.

I don't seem to be getting messages from India Cares. What could the problem be?

Please check your spam folder if you are not getting mails from us, also note that you may have discontinued using the email id that you provided when you registered, please write to admin@icfn.in

I want to know the different ways that I can pay for my donation?

You can pay your donations through credit cards, debit cards, provided you have activated your internet banking, mobile wallets, UPI, etc. You can also write a cheque favouring the CSO/NGO you want to support and send it to the ngo, their address is available on their page.

In case you send the cheque to our office we will pass on the same to the chosen CSO.

I want to make an online credit card donation. Is your site secure?

Yes, our site is secure and we do not retain any information about your credit card, bank account, etc

While making my payment through credit card/net banking I got an error message. How will I know whether the donation was successful?

All successful donations will get a confirmation mail, along with the 80G receipt immediately, in case there is a technical problem and your account gets debited but you havent received a confirmation, please write to accounts@icfn.in

When will I get a receipt for my online donation?

The receipt for your donation is attached to the confirmation mail you receive when you complete a donation transaction.

I've lost my receipt. What do I do now?

You can write to accounts@icfn.in along with your full name, name of the CSO/ NGO donated to and date of donations, we will re-send the soft copy of the receipt to you.

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