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B-9, Mira Mansion, 
Sion West, 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, 
India -400022

Our Mission

ALERT-INDIA is engaged in awareness, control, treatment and inclusion of people affected with leprosy in society.

Work and Achievements

ALERT-INDIA: Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation & Treatment, India started in 1978. 

ALERT has identified, treated and cured 75,000 people with leprosy without segregation from families and communities.  

ALERT works towards leprosy eradication in India, by combining community level services through leprosy referral centers (LRCs) often in coordination with other social organisations and the Government at Central and State level. ALERT has numerous policy contributions in this area. 

The key achievements since establishment includes:

  • Detected and cured over 75,000 persons affected by leprosy without segregation.
  • Achieved strengthened leprosy services in Rural Hospitals from 15 districts of Maharashtra, by establishing 147 leprosy referral centers towards timely diagnosing, treating and managing complications among over 5,000 to 7,000 new cases annually.
  • Trained 15,000 doctors and health workers for timely detection, treatment and curing leprosy in the public health system.
  • Annually, preventing 25,000 leprosy affected from further deterioration of limps and receives care for disability at 147 LRCs.
  • Established “protective footwear and splints unit”, annually producing & distributing across India; 16000 to 18000 Micro Cellular Rubber footwear, 3000 to 5000 splints & 10,000 self care kits.

New cases are identified every day and there is a great deal of rehabilitation work yet to be done.

Fund Utilisation Statement

To identify new cases; Provide quality health care, surveillance, cure to the leprosy affected minimizing disability and promoting inclusion.

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