Friendicoes SECA

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Friendicoes SECA

No 271 & 273, Defence Colony, , 
Flyover Market, Jangpura Side,, 
New Delhi, 
India -110024

Our Mission

Providing care and treatment for sick, abused, abandoned and distressed large and small animals of Delhi NCR for 40 years.

Work and Achievements

Friendicoes SECA was established in the year 1979 and has been serving the city of Delhi in the field of Animal Welfare for over 40 years by managing hospitals & shelters for sick, abused and distressed animals in the city of Delhi. We are the oldest animal hospital cum shelter of Delhi.

In 2018, Friendicoes rescued over 18000 stray animals in distress, large and small, that had been hit and run or injured, those that were sick or had been abused or traumatised by cruel handling and abandoned pets. We responded to over 25 to 30 distress calls each day. Our rescue work covers Delhi NCR as well as neighbouring areas.

Mobile Clinic for working Equine welfare: Friendicoes has been running this program since 1984 and the need seems to have only increased. We gave free medical treatment to the horses, mules and donkeys working at tonga stands, brick kilns and construction sites in and around Delhi NCR, Vrindavan, Mathura, Jewar, Tappal, Bharatpur and Agra.

Spay / Neuter of Stray Dogs and Cats: Friendicoes runs three Spay / Neuter units in Delhi as well as two sterilization/ vaccination units in Gurugram Haryana, and a spay/ neuter unit in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands..

Cat Shelter: Over 70 cats were rescued by Friendicoes in 2018. We now have over 130 cats in our care and have a dedicated cat sterilization and vaccination project with a small post operation facility in our city shelter cum hospital.

Lifetime Care Sanctuary for all Animals: Friendicoes has an animal sanctuary located in Gurgaon. Currently, we have over 1500 animals in our care, which includes cats, dogs, donkeys, mules, and horses at this lifetime care sanctuary.

Adoption Homes: Friendicoes has two adoption centres where the animals that have healed are taken so that people adopt them rather than buy pets. We are thrilled to say, over 80 dogs and cats were adopted from Friendicoes SECA in 2018.

Fund Utilisation Statement

The funds raised by Friendicoes SECA will be utilised for long-term care and treatment of all animals in our care.

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