Honourpoint Foundation

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Honourpoint Foundation

#43, 9 th Main , 6 th Cross, Chandrappa Layout, 
Shardamba Nagar, Jalahalli , 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560013

Our Mission

To bring the story of every fallen soldier of Indian Armed Forces into public domain and connect the civil society with the martyrs' families.

Work and Achievements

India’s only online memorial for all martyrs of the Armed Forces from 1947 till date. It is a unique repository of information about martyrs organised in an expandable format to include the inputs from their family members, former comrades, friends and units/formations.

a) To bring the stories of all martyrs of our Armed Forces in public domain and inspire all Indians to contribute meaningfully to the country in their own way.
b) To develop a network of the martyrs’ families across India and work for their benefit in collaboration with various individuals and organisations in different states.

Main Activities
a) To carry out research, collation, authentication and creation of profiles of martyrs for the online memorial using various sources viz. internet, books, magazines, newspapers etc.
b) To update the content on a continuous basis with inputs from martyrs’ family members, friends, comrades, units/formations etc.
c) To create content on a daily basis for online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc,  for creating awareness about the martyrs.
d) To coordinate with partner organisations for conducting events/programs for the benefit of martyrs’ families.

Honourpoint is also collaborating with various philanthropic organisations and individuals all over the country, who are working for the benefit of the families of martyrs. It has already collaborated with twelve such organizations and organised seventeen programs so far including six in Mumbai, six in Bangalore, two in Delhi and one each in Surat in Gujarat, Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan and Mathura in UP.

Fund Utilisation Statement

For conducting online as well as offline awareness programs about the sacrifices of the armed forces’ martyrs and organizing civil society connect programs in different parts of the country

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