Madhyanchal Forum

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Madhyanchal Forum

VANI House, Plot No. 7, 
Sector-8, Dwarka, 
New Delhi, 
India -110077

Our Mission

Leadership building among most marginalized communities directly and through partners in 6 states.

Work and Achievements

Madhyanchal Forum is a network of organizations working on a range of issues such as sustainable agriculture , child nutrition ,capacity building, gender mainstreaming ,local governance, livelihood ,climate change, and in six states – M.P, U.P, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan,Himachal Pradesh & Uttarakhand.

1. Sustainable agriculture:

Madhyanchal Forum has long been associated with sustainable agricultural practices to improve the livelihood of small and marginalized farmers.

2. Child nutrition:

Working with malnourished children specially with Korku and Saharia tribe is another area of intervention. It has encouraged more than 1000 families to grow & consume vegetables by providing samplings to the families.

3. Capacity building:

Leadership building among the most marginalized community , among dalit & adivasis is one of the focus area . More than 500 youths have been trained & active in their community & helping them in accessing in government resources.

4. Gender mainstreaming :

Madhyanchal Forum has effectively integrated gender mainstreaming or gender equality in all its designs, programmes, approaches and strategies.

5. Local governance :

Madhyanchal forum firmly believes that strengthening local self governance is the key to creating a space for the poor and the marginalised in the decision making.

6. Livelihood :

Madhyanchal Forum is working for many diminishing tribes in many north, central and western regions of India ensuring food and social security entitlements for them.

7. Climate change & disaster risk reduction:

Madhyanchal Forum works intensively with people prone to or affected by natural calaminity/ disasters. It has played a key role in rescue & relief work during floods in M.P & Uttarakhand.

Fund Utilisation Statement

For supporting and nurturing youth leaders from most marginalized community specially MUSAHAR , PVTGs and other diminishing tribes directly and through partner organizations.

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