Sarthak Educational Trust

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Sarthak Educational Trust

Building No 1, 3 rd Floor, Mohammadpur
Near Bhika Ji Cama Place, 
New Delhi, 
India -110066

Our Mission

Sarthak visions "To Empower Persons with Disability, enabling them to live their life with dignity and respect"

Work and Achievements

Inclusion, Empowerment, and Mainstreaming of Persons with a disability is the guiding principle of Sarthak Educational Trust.

  • Early Intervention: Sarthak has successfully rehabilitated 1050 children with disability through, its three-pronged strategy of prevention, identification, and intervention. Early prevention, identification and intervention are the three facets of Sarthak Antakshep Kendra. Early prevention and identification involves identification of problem areas in its earliest and sensitization of gynecologists, a pediatrician and health workers to control disability proneness for risk babies.
  • Inclusive Education: Sarthak is an ardent believer of inclusive set up of education to pave the path of an inclusive society and have successfully rehabilitated 525 school going children with disability in mainstream schools through sensitization of various stakeholders and remedial classes.
  • Skill Development & Sustainable Employment: Vocational skilling and placement support to persons with disability is provided across 18 different locations in India and the objective is to create sustainable and independent life prospects for PwDs. Through its dedicated efforts, Sarthak has successfully trained and placed 13000 and 16000 youth with disability respectively.
  • Advocacy and Awareness Generation: In furtherance to direct intervention, Sarthak is also engaged in creating pro-environment and attitude towards PwDs in general and has successfully organized 87 centre, state, regional, and national level events.
  • NGO Capacity Building Program: Sarthak is not only restricted to catering to the needs of persons with a disability directly but also equipping existing changes makers with better capacity and strength and conducted an 11 month NGO Capacity Building program at Telangana in support with Microsoft.
  • Accessible Event Management Support: In its endeavour to create an inclusive world irrespective of any disability, Sarthak has recently entered into providing Accessible Event Management Support and the first such support was provided to Microsoft in its first ever Accessibility Summit in Hyderabad.
  • ¬†National Abilympics Association of India- To bring excellence in skilling, NAAI conducts Regional, National and International Abilympics for Persons with Disabilities.


Fund Utilisation Statement

Empowering Persons with disabilities through intervention in Healthcare, vocational skilling, sustainable employment, Advocacy and Abilympics.

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