Sense International India

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Sense International India

2nd Floor, Administrative Block
Andhajan Mandal Campus, Opp. IIM, Vastrapur, 
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 
India -380015

Our Mission

Partner with other CSO’s to improve lives of people with deaf-blindness & MSI, their family members, caregivers & teachers and society as a whole.

Work and Achievements

Sense India aims to reach over 5,00,000 Deafblind children and youth & their families, so that they, too, can be part of the society as equals!

Deafblindness combines both hearing & visual impairment in an individual. As they cannot see and hear at the same time, people with Deafblindness suffer from impaired mobility, difficulty in communication, learning and understanding the world around them.

Sense India is the only National NGO that works across 22 states through dedicated 59 NGO partners supporting more than 77,500 young children and youth with Deafblindness.

Our purpose is to work in partnership with others – people with Deafblindness, their families, carers and professionals - to ensure that everyone facing challenges because of deafblindness have access to a strong support system that provides guidance, opportunities and care.

In our endeavour to put a spotlight on the needs of people with Deafblindness we achieved a great milestone through successful advocacy by getting Deafblindness recognized under unique disability category in the Rights of Persons with Disability Act - 2016. This was made possible through collaborative approach working with the government, corporate sector, civil society and the public.

Sense India International has been awarded consultative status with the UN.

We are committed towards the enablement and inclusion of people with Deafblindness in the society and wish to double our coverage by 2025 and expand our range of services.

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Fund Utilisation Statement

The Funds raised will be used to provide education & assistive devices to children with deafblindness to help them be independent.

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