Wishes and Blessings

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Wishes and Blessings

New Delhi, 
India -110017

Our Mission

Wishes and Blessings is a unique platform that helps the underprivileged by linking donors with beneficiaries. Our mission is to inspire and empower dreams, by means of spreading smiles.

Work and Achievements

Wishes and Blessings was established in April 2014 with the aim of spreading blessings, fulfilling wishes and making dreams come true. We work across different social demographics; surpassing age, gender and caste barriers. Some of our main causes include Accessible Education, Food For All, Build a Dream, Skill it Up, Healthier Lives and Happiness all the Way.

What makes us different is the personal involvement and dedication of our team, donors and volunteers in all our projects.  In our short span of existence, we have been able to touch over 2,00,000 lives by our unique projects and activities. Some of our success stories include

  • Street to School: Since 2015 we have successfully enrolled over 250 street children into MCD/ NDMC schools
  • Shelter to Home: We have been able to transform basic rain-baseras into beautifully decorated homes, equipped with TV’s, water-coolers, educational supplies & playgrounds
  • Education for All: We are sponsoring the education of over 400+ underprivileged, orphaned, visually impaired and special needs children enrolled in private and semi- private schools
  • Daily Meals: Since December 2015, we have served over 8,00,000 freshly cooked, nutritious meals to the homeless in Delhi by means of this programme
  • Mass Wedding: In November 2016, we facilitated the weddings of 14 underprivileged girls, belonging to different communities in a mass wedding function
  • Toilets for 300 people: In 2015, we constructed 6 well-equipped toilets units for Gurukul- an old age home in Gurgaon.
  • Care for Elders: On the 25th of April 2019, Wishes and Blessings inaugurated an exclusive men's wing at Mann ka Tilak where many elderly and abandoned men will also receive the love, care and respect they deserve, all facilities are provided completely free of cost to ensure that these women live a life of dignity and respect. In a span of 1 year we have been able to reach out to more than 20 such women who are looking for a safe place to call home.

In the future, Wishes and Blessings aims to expand both sector-wise as well geographically and continue spreading smiles through its’ operations and projects.

Fund Utilisation Statement

By means of participating in the ADHM 2019, Wishes and Blessings pledges to raise funds to meet the running cost of their old age home for women and men and further expand the infrastructure to accommodate many more abandoned and neglected elderly

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