Barasat Unnayan Prostuti

    Tax Status: 12A,  80G,  FCRA

Barasat Unnayan Prostuti

Basundhara, PO Noapara, 
PS Barasat, District - North 24 parganas, 
Barasat, West Bengal, 
India -700125

Our Mission

Ensuring rights of women and children through safeguarding. They are protected from all sorts of violence including human trafficking.

Work and Achievements

Barasat Unnayan Prostuti(BUP) is a social development organization set up in 1993 with a vision of building a society where people, irrespective of gender,caste,creed,ethnicity and religion can fully utilize their potential to establish a process of socio economic and cultural development BUP also holds the secretariat of Partners for Anti Trafficking (PAT)- a network of eight community based organizations working on this issue of human trafficking.

Following achievements in the past few years:

- We ensured the rehabilitation support service and linkage with various government support service for 230 survivors till the date

- Ensured our presence within School Awareness campaign on child marriage and child trafficking under the banner of SankalpProject by which we have covered around 80 schools through and reached to 15000 students

-By setting two model villages where all kind of basic facilities made available such as sanitation, set up of school for children and vocational training for women to ensure socio economic development

- Till the date we are ensuring legal aid support for50 trafficking survivors as per their requirements

- Around 18000 thousand peoples in Amdanga Block, North 24 parganas getting health service benefits with the linkage of government health service scheme

-By setting 1000 house sanitation unit we have ensured the defecation free villages and ensure purify drinking water made available for the area of two villages.

Fund Utilisation Statement

To help improve psycho-social health, counseling, rehabilitation and Livelihood support to survivors of human trafficking

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