Loreto Rainbow Homes Foundation

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Loreto Rainbow Homes Foundation

7, Middleton Row , 
Kolkata, West Bengal, 
India -700071

Our Mission

To love and provide comprehensive care for the girls at risk especially girls living on the streets.

Work and Achievements

 The Loreto Rainbow Homes Program for girls is an ‘open, voluntary, non-custodial, long term, residential, comprehensive care’ program to enable the mainstreaming of children formerly on the streets.

The first Loreto Rainbow Home was opened in 1998 in Loreto Day School Sealdah under the leadership of Loreto sister, Sr. Cyril Mooney. Subsequently, to protect more vulnerable girl children who lived on the streets, the Loreto sister opened four more homes in the city. Today, the Rainbow Homes concept is a pan India phenomenon under the umbrella of Rainbow Foundation India (RFI), a not-for-profit organization.

700 girls are living in Rainbow Homes in Kolkata.

30 girls have passed class X examination in 2018 and 28 girls completed Class XII in 2018, among them 11 scored above 60 %, 5 scored above 70 %, 1 girl scored more than 80 %.

13 girls received scholarships from different agencies to pursue their graduation.

5 girls are continuing their second year of graduation in St. Aloysius College in Bangalore after having secured 1st division marks in their first-year examination.

3 girls scored in their 80’s for their first year ITI diploma course in Electronics Mechanics.

After successful completion of hospitality course, 3 girls now have full time jobs in Mrs Magpie, Chaiwala and Subway.

2 girls are working in Glamour Saloon as a Manager.

1 girl is receiving training from a dentist.

Fund Utilisation Statement

To meet every day’s basic needs such as food, clothes, toiletries and to provide uninterrupted education support of the girl children of our homes.

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