Paripurnata Halfway Home

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Paripurnata Halfway Home

No. 1912, Panchasayar Road, 
Kolkata , West Bengal, 
India -700094

Our Mission

Paripurnata champions the cause of the marginalized mentally ill women and strives for their mainstreaming.

Work and Achievements

Paripurnata, established in 1991, is one of the pioneers in India, working for rehabilitation of mentally ill women through the module of a Halfway Home. It is a Psycho-social Rehabilitation Centre for women from the marginalized sections, inducted mainly from the government hospitals.

Numerous surveys and studies have asserted that, when a mentally ill patient receives
pharmaco-therapy along with occupational, cognitive, psychological counseling and socio-
cultural therapies, she attains mental stability at a faster rate and is much less prone to
relapses, compared to the one, who receives medical intervention only.
A Halfway Home is perceived as the mid-point in a person’s journey from her place of
confinement to her home. Here, in a family like ambience, individuals are guided to pick up the
lost pieces of their lives, which prepare them for their natural homes and help them re-integrate into their communities and the wider society, so that they once again can lead a productive and meaningful life.
Since inception, Paripurnata has reintegrated 303 women with their families. They mostly
belong to the impoverished rural areas, not only of West Bengal, but many other states of India and also the neighbouring countries of Nepal and Bangladesh.
Paripurnata is also involved in community mental health issues like, awareness programmes,
seminars for senior citizens & students, exposure sessions for nursing students and runs a weekly psychiatric OPD.

Fund Utilisation Statement

The fund will be utilized in sustaining the ongoing project, Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Mentally Ill Women. It will supplement the donations and grants receivable from individuals and donor agencies towards running expenses of the programme.

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