How donation system works on our Website


Our website is powered by the security systems of Axis Bank, RazorPay and our website firewalls - Your data is as safe as we can make it.

Once you make a donation, the transaction is either successful - in which case you get a confirmation email, along with the e-receipt for your tax exemptions attached. Sometimes this may gets directed to your spam or junk folder, do chekc that.

In case of a unsuccessful transaction, you get a mail stating the same asking you to try again or send the contribution through cheque favoring your chosen cause.

Very rarely, after a transaction is through - debited from your account and by the time the system directs the gateway back to our website there could be a disconnect (like a call drop) and you may not get a receipt. Please write to us at :  in case this happens, as it will reflect in our bank but you would not have got the receipt.

Every time a transaction, a successful or a partly successful one (where you do not get the receipt) happens, for the same to reflect in our bank account takes anything between 1-3 days minimum, sometimes up to 5 days, as both the issuing bank and the receiving bank need to approve of the transaction. At times, the amount gets refunded if the technical issue was not our payment gateway but the issuing bank's gateway. We reconcile the bank credits to our transactions and trigger the cases where the receipts haven't gone once in 10 days. Very few , one in 200, are situations where there is a discrepancy or issue.

We currently pay between 2% - 3% charges for every transaction and the rest is utilized towards the maintenance of our website.

We, at India Cares, urge you not to get stressed in case you do not get a confirmation but the amount gets debited to your account/ card/ etc. In due course you will get the receipt or a refund!

Thank you

Team India Cares

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