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  • Kalisu Foundation has touched the lives of 5000 students across 14 government schools in Mysuru district
    • 01st Aug

    • 2017

    Kalisu Foundation has touched the lives of 5000 students across 14 government schools in Mysuru district

    Kalisu is relatively a new Civil society Organisation (CSO/ NGO) with an aim to bridge the gap between the quality of education received by students in government schools in comparison to the education received by students in private schools. Kalisu started in 2013 and their reach today is 5000 students across 14 government schools in Mysuru district, Karnataka.

    The founding members of the Kalisu Foundation chose Mysuru as their project town, because they understood the fact that there were very few CSOs working in the field of education in and around Mysuru. They involved immensely in research, developed certain standards for evaluating education system and they sought solutions to the problems existing in the schools. Kalisu started its program by recognising few government schools that were desperately in need of necessary changes. They have chosen 5 areas to focus on to bridge the discrepancy in the quality of education.

    1. Health care   

    2. English language skills

    3. Academics

    4. Social ethos

    5. Happiness

    In order to focus on the above mentioned areas, they have put together certain schemes that will help them achieve a holistic development of the children involved. Each programme therefore targets a different cause.

    Their 3 major programmes are as follows;

    1. Paathshaala: Through this programme, all schools affiliated with Kalisu will follow a well-designed curriculum which uses both practical and interactive methods of teaching. It is built to make learning a more comprehensive and a wholesome experience. Children are taken to field trips and several competitions are conducted in many areas. Kalisu believes in an equal focus on academics and extracurricular activities for the children as it will help them to recognise their true potential. As of now, Kalisu has developed a curriculum for 1st to 7th graders and they are currently working on the rest.

    2.     Aarogya: This is set up with an aim to inculcate the ideas of fitness and health. The team conducts health and hygiene workshops and several medical camps.

    3.     Library: Members of Kalisu foundation are very proud of this initiative. This programme ensures that there is access to a well-equipped library, which helps children to develop the habit of reading and trigger their imagination skills.

    The founding members of Kalisu believe that ‘Education is the only way for a better India.’ True to these words, their programs promote learning through limitation, through competition and most importantly self study. Social interaction within and outside in-groups, is regularly monitored and promoted. These children are taught to give back to the society, and it is very fascinating because, it removes the feeling of being marginalised, while strongly reinforcing that they are  part of mainstream society and are the necessary elements of change.

    Case studies:

    • A team member of Kalisu Foundation found Yogesh sleeping at a nearby Xerox shop and upon enquiry, he informed them that he ran away from home located in Belgaum as his parents didn't have the money to support his education. With no second thought, the organisation took him under their wings and placed him in one of their schools.
    • Another girl, who was also lucky to be found by Kalisu, into their school. She has written 60 poems to them about her experience with Kalisu.
    • Shreyas (name changed), is very happy with Kalisu’s facilities. He aspires to become an IAS officer. To reach his goal, members at Kalisu have provided him with the necessary skill sets and educational needs to finish Pre-University and a basic degree to become eligible for the exams. Shreyas, affectionately calls these members as “degree”.

    Experience about TCS World 10k marathon

    Nikhilesh, CEO and Co Founder of Kalisu Foundation, says that the event experience was very enriching. He ran the Open 10k run along with his wife and brother and acknowledges the fact that this event has helped him in raising good amount of funds. Corporate funding was not an easy task as the Kalisu team had to make sure the decisions were met early and positive. The results turned out to be in favour of Kalisu Foundation and were able to raise Rs 24,39,000.

    This was the second year that Kalisu participated in the race and definitely they want to add this event as a part of their annual calendar. The event helped them not only raise funds but also in terms of visibility, recognition, and learnings. “Other than supporting your own cause, if one is participating in any of the races, this event also makes you stay healthy and keep yourself fit” he added.

    A message to the newcomers/ organisations - “Don’t think twice and just participate. Never think of the results. It is one of the greatest platforms to raise funds, get visibility and create awareness”.                                                 

    As spoken to, 
    Divya G Rao
    India Cares Foundation 
    1 August 2017 

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