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  • Rs.36,400:Not Just A Number
    • 13th Jun

    • 2013

    Rs.36,400:Not Just A Number

     Cauvery Baliamada talks about her painstaking, but an incredible journey into the world of fundraising. Her experience was tough  and lead her to feel demotivated on certain occasions. She thanks the donors who believed in the cause and also urges people to take that one step towards making an effort in improving society.


    “Amongst many causes and NGO’s, I was pretty unsure which NGO would need financial support from me this time around. 

    Since I always felt the cause “Blindness” too close to my heart and having met Paul Muddha several times, I decided to raise funds for “Snehadeep Trust”. With great enthusiasm and hope, I sent emails, text messages, chat messages on social networking sites asking friends and families to contribute to the cause. While some of them contributed very generously, some of them asked me if it’s genuine. To those whose doubts were clarified, finally didn’t seem interested at all.  

    While I left the option open for people to choose, hopes grew as high as a mountain each passing day. And as I reached the end of fund raising period and checked the total amount raised, I was devastated to see just Rs.36400 as against Rs.50000 that was raised for Vathsalya Charitable Trust in 2012. I wondered where I had failed. Is it the cause or the timing? Is it the lack of follow-ups from my end? Or is it the attitude towards shelling out for a Social Cause? I urge each one to loosen yourself and look at opportunities to serve the community in any way you can. It doesn’t have to be monetary only. It can be as simple as time, energy or talent.

    Through this blog, I would like to thank each Donor for their contribution towards Snehadeep. Many thanks for believing in me and feeling for the cause and extending those helping hands! “
    About the Author:
    “Cauvery holds a MBA in Human Resources and Marketing from Jyoti Nivas College Bangalore. As part of her curriculum, she had to undergo a 15 days internship on CSR at a NGO which she describes as an eye opener.
    She completed her undergraduate program in B.Com with Computer Science and went on to work with Nous Infosystems for a year as a Market Research Executive. Post her MBA in 2009, she was employed at Sasken Communications Technologies. She has been working with Sasken for over 3.5 years now handling Internal Communications, employee engagement initiatives and CSR. She believes that the kind of CSR  activities that Sasken as an organization has been involved, has not only helped her gain more insights about the Differently Abled or less fortunate but also about how an Organization can make a long lasting impact by being more sensitive towards the society and environment.”

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