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  • TCS WOLRD10K RUN _ Causes and Impact
    • 08th Jul

    • 2015

    TCS WOLRD10K RUN _ Causes and Impact

    The emergence of marathons has been a game changer in the developmental sector. While running was earlier considered only an athletic event, in the recent years India has seen the birth of a new concept “Running to make a Difference.” Since its inception in 2008, the TCS World 10K Run has brought in visibility and funds to a large number of NGOs. By taking part in the run every individual has contributed massively to the various causes supported by the NGOs

    Education is one of the most supported causes in our country. Even today, India’s literacy rate is 10% lesser than the global average. Last year, through the TCS W10K 2013, close to 60 lakh rupees was raised for various NGOs committed to educate more children. This amount was utilized to build classrooms, train teachers and provide students with books and study materials. Apart from education, few other NGOs rescued children from vulnerable backgrounds to give them an opportunity to go to school, find employment and earn a living. Close to a thousand children were impacted last year alone through the programs and activities designed by NGOs. With makeshift classrooms and mobile laboratories, schools have come to the doorstep of many disadvantaged children.

    Disability has had a huge impact on the Indian Society. By raising more than Rs. 55 lakh in the TCS run 2013, the lives of many physically and intellectually challenged individuals has changed for good. Earlier the notion was to support the disabled people to lead a good life, but now is to help them be independent by teaching them coordination skills and giving them vocational training to lead a responsible life. More than 500 disabled citizens were supported through this cause and also many were educated through the awareness camps and counselling sessions. Mobility aids and special treatment were provided to the patients.

    The healthcare sector has also been benefitted from the marathon. Despite of newer treatments and medicines entering the market, a large chunk of the population is still waiting to be benefitted. Many NGOs are trying to make healthcare affordable and accessible to those from the lower economic strata and weaker sections of the society. As many as 1500 patients were provided palliative care and many others were given free treatments. Many mobile clinics have travelled to remote villages to conduct tests and spread awareness about common diseases. This has brought in a ray of hope to those who otherwise would have had no access to doctors or clinics.

    The success of Indian sports people in the national and international sport events has inspired many youngsters to take part in the competitions and represent their country. But only a chosen few with the resources to train and to be trained at world class facilities get to achieve the dream. In order to pave a platform some NGOs affiliated to sports have been trying extensively to support talented athletes who cannot afford to do so. In the TCS World 10K run 2013, NGOs have managed to raise more than Rs. 5 lakh to support this cause. This amount was used for training, mentorship programmes, counselling and providing healthy nutrition to the athletes.

    With every passing year, the TCS World 10K Run has attracted more runners and fundraisers. Charity marathon runs are not for the feint hearted but for those who are brave enough to change lives and give back to the community.

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